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JFD's Kingdom of Norway (Haakon IV) for VP

JFD's Kingdom of Norway (Haakon IV) for VP v.4

- Reverted the percentage of GWriter points gained from kills from 4% to 3%
- Returned the Food / Faith pillage bonus, this time much weaker but present in all cities (allowing it to be relevant throughout the game without breaking the early game)
- Fixed a bunch of small issues with the ArtDefines of the Knarr (Scale, Sound when attacking etc)
- Bugfix for : missing Building requirement for UB, missing ability to pillage for UU1, missing First Meeting Diplomacy text
- UA tweak : removed yields from pillaging, increased Great Writer points gained from killing units by 1/3 (from 3% to 4% per kill) and buffed unique promotions
=> Birkebeiner : added "no combat malus from being wounded"
=> Leidang : added +5 max HP
- Skald : now also grants Faith when born
- Added a free Great Work of Writing slot to cities from the UA
- New Promotion Icons, courtesy of @gwennog :hatsoff:
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