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JFD's Rise to Power

Rise to Power

  1. Update to v33

    • Cathedrals now possess the Great Work of Art slot whilst Mandirs possess the Engineer slot.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Inquisition did not yield Piety correctly.
    • Fixed incompatibilities with CP, and with it issues involving founding a Religion.
    • Fixed TXT_KEY issue with Corporations Overview in CBO.
    • Increased the Piety yield from Shamanism to 25.
    • Sorted Building and Wonder additions into Districts for CiD support.
    • Fixed an issue whereby a Civ with a preference for the...
  2. Update to v32

    • Fixed various database issues from when disabling Piety or Claims.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Magistrate's Court had 2 Magistrates instead of 1 and High Courts had 1 Magistrate instead of 2.
    • Fixed an issue with disabling Epithets.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Wealth (Legitimacy) did not give the correct amount of Sovereignty.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Sov. bonus from St. Peter's from working.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the AI from taking out Mercenary Contracts.
    • Fixed an...
  3. Update to v30


    • Fixed incorrect text on Compile Code of Laws, which reduces the Reform Cooldown, not the cost.
    • Fixed TXT_KEY issue with Rome's Republican title.
    • Anarchy Sentiment penalty for having no Legislature is now 30% (up from 20%). Removed the penalty to Sov. per Left/Right Reform.
    • Fixed issue with Tradition sovereignty not working if at least one Legitimacy condition had not been met....
  4. Update to v29

    • Added the option to hide strategic resources in the Top Panel (this functionality is on the Top Panel).
    • Sovereignty component added.