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JFD's Rise to Power

Rise to Power

  1. JFD

    Here, you will find links to keep up-to-date with Rise to Power.
    These can only be downloaded directly through my Google Drive.

    For detailed information, see the JFDModding Wiki.

    Because RtP is a very complex mod, you need to follow the Discord link and familiarize yourself with the content, including compatibilities and troubleshooting.


    Rise to Power is an overhaul mod that aims to add significant depth to the game, by introducing new mechanics, overhauling base systems, and adding a plethora of world-building aspects.
    Information about specific components can be located on the Discord server, the Wiki, or in-game in the Civilopedia or through the added Tutorials.

    The mod is provided as is, and it is your responsibility to check the Discord server for troubleshooting methods. If you follow these, and you still run into issues, then you are unlikely to be able to use the mod.

    Direct Installation
    • Download from Google Drive.
    • Unzip the contents of this into My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization V\MODS
    • Enable in Mods and click Next.
    For more detailed instructions, see Discord.


    If you encounter issues, it is important that you communicate this clearly so that someone can help you. You will need the following things:
    1. Mod Version.
    2. Mod List (other mods you have active).
    3. Database and/or Lua log files. See here for instructions.
    For more detailed instructions, see Discord.

    User Settings

    Some features can be disabled using the included JFDLC_UserSettings.sql file. This is located at Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\JFD's Rise to Power\JFDLC User Settings

    For more detailed instructions, see Discord.

    • Gazebo: DLL functionalities.
    • Chrisy15: Feedback, Bug-testing, Research, Public Relations.
    • Janboruta: Artwork (Various), Feedback.
    • Sukritact: Artwork (Various), original author of Events & Decisions, Suzereinty.
    • Leugi: Artwork (Various), Graphics (Various).
    • Barathor: Artwork (Various), original author of More Luxuries.
    • JTitan: Graphics (Various).
    • Skaz: Graphics (Resources).
    • Daniel_Empire: Research.
    • Kesler: Research.
    • que: Installer.
    • Reedstilt: Research.
    • TranquilSilence: Feedback, Ladness.
    • Viregel: Research.

Recent Updates

  1. Update to v33
  2. Update to v32
  3. Update to v30
  4. Update to v29

Recent Reviews

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Civ V now feels like a complete game. Rise to Power adds the depth and immersion I’ve been searching for. Thanks for this JFD!
  2. Hammurabi1337
    The definitive best mod for Civ V with more depth and complexity than an official DLC. I check if a new version of RtP is out almost daily.
  3. ofmiciv5
    Piety is now viable with this mod. Not to mention the add-on that are priceless. Government feature is so awesome.