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Kets Composite Mod [Warlords] 2016-10-05

Kets Composite Mod Version .3

Download Link Version .3 Now Available

Fix For Version 3 Now Available

Fix Notes:
Due to Cultural Influences the max radius of a city culture was stunted compared to vanilla this was a bit to major of a change, what has been done to correct this is add NEW culture levels. At Standard the Max Culture is now 60k instead of 50k and the victory conditions have been changed to handle this. But what you will mostly notice is more of a range of Culture Growth, this still keeps culture a bit slower in growing and you start out very small.

Overview Of What This Mod Includes
16 Merged Mods
6 SDK Changes
10 New Civics (All Civics Modified)
24 New Flags
2 24 Civ Earth Maps
2 23 Civ Earth Maps
5 New Castle Flavor Graphics
73 Flavor Unit Graphics
2 Enhanced Advisor Screens
1 Additional City Screen Panel

Important Notes:
- I have only bothered with the english translation's, most merged mods do not have the full translation sets and
I only know English. For best results play in English.
- Save Games Most Likely Will Not Work Between Versions
- Please check the Mod Folder For Readme's and Merged Mod's Configuration Files

Special Thanks Above and Beyond the Credits Posted Below.
TheLopez - Helping out with a tricky bug I was having
Strategyonly - Helping out with a map being released soon
Ocedius - Helping out with my initial compile problems
Keldath - Great Design Ideas and helping me stay focused

Version Info & Current To Do List: Please Read It Explains Whats Actually Is In The Mod
Spoiler :

Version .3
Merged- Civic Balancer Phase 2
Merged- Great Generals From Barbarians And Animals. Barbarians Can Get Generals
SDK- Mongoose FloodPlainsFix
Merged- City Screen Commerce Display
Merged- Arioch's Warlords Flavor Units

Version .2 Public Release
Merged- JZoc Forts Zone Of Control
Tweaked- Forts do up to 50% Damage 50% To Hit, Linked and Slow Movement
Merged- Porges Attitude Icons
Tweaked- Dead Civ's Do Not Show On Scoreboard
Tweaked- Tech Reveal For Bonus Resources Set
Tweaked- Wine @ Pottery
Tweaked- Tech Traiding @ Guilds
Tweaked- Cottages @ Monarchy
Tweaked- Stone should be slightly more prevalent
SDK- Started Using My Own Compiled .DLL
SDK- Added 24 players to source code, for 24 civ maps.
SDK- Added Cultural Influences Mods SDK Hooks
Merged- Cultural Influences
SDK- Mongoose UnitNameMod
SDK- Mongoose FirstStrikeFix
SDK- Mongoose ExperienceNeededCappingMod

Version .1
Merged- Techwindow Screen Update
Merged- ActualQuotes for Warlords
Merged- Exotic Foreign Advisor
Merged- Dawn Of Man Screen Update
Merged- Ethnically Diverse Units
Merged- Better Ship Scale
Merged- .dll to allow 24 civs on map
Merged- 3 maps with 24 civs
Merged- Warlords New Flags 2
Merged- Customizable Domestic Advisor
Merged- SevoPedia With Unit and Promotion Upgrades
Merged- Not Just Another Game Clock Mod

- To Do
M.A.D. Nukes Mod (Waiting for an Update)
Edit Pottery, Guilds, Monarchy Pedia Entries for changes
Edit pedia for new civics introduced in .3
Figure Out A Religious System The One I want to use is being converted for warlords
Add More Flavor Units
Figure Out The Resource Issue For Additional Resources
Civ Gold 2.0 For Warlords when it comes out
New Techs
New Units
TheLopez Promotion System
Another 20 Civ Map. Europe
Improve Read Me File And Documentation
Tech Changes (Flight)
Add Magellan's Voyage

Merged Mods And Credits To The Creators
Spoiler :

ActualQuotes Diplomacy Text
By: Willowmound
Version: 3.0 (Warlords)

Better Ship Scale Basic
By: Elhoim
Version: 1.0 Warlords

Warlords New Flags 2
By: Thorn

Not Just Another Game Clock Mod
By: The Lopez
Version: 0.3.3w

Dawn Of Man Update
By: The Lopez
Version 0.2

Ethnically Diverse Units
By: Rabbit, White
Version: 2.35

By: Roamty
Version 1.g

Exotic Foreign Advisor
By: Many
Version: Zarah Neander Warlords Version

By: Sevo,Progor
Version: Unknown

Customizable Domestic Advisor
By: Taelis, TheLopez
Version: 0.93w

Jzoc Forts Zone Of Control
By: Jackel
Version: 0.1 Warlords

Attitude Icons
By: Porges
Version: Warlords

Rhye's 24 Civ SDK Fix
Elhoim Diplomacy Fix SDK Only

Cultural Influences
By: TheLopez
Version: v0.3w

Civic Balancer
By: Aussie Lurker
Version: Phase 2 Warlords

Great Generals From Barbarians
By: The Lopez
Version: .02w

24 Civ Euro Map Modified By StrategyFirst
By: Italicus

24 Civ World Map
By: Rhye

23 Civ World Map No Celts
By: Rhye

24 Civ Huge World Map
By: Pantastic

23 Civ Huge World Map No Celts
By Pantastic, Ket

City Screen Commerce Display
By: Sevo
Version: Unknown

Arioch's Warlords Flavor Units
By: Arioch
Version 1.0

Lunar Mongoose SDK Fix's And Changes

First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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