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Larger Worlds (Abandonded) 2.31

Larger World Sizes and adjusted map scripts & starting positions

  1. Fertility!

    This is a quick test of modified fertility values based on the number of players.

    Fertility of each tile is defined by the value of that tile plus all tiles within 3 hexes. Some important values are 100 for rivers, -10 for snow and -20 for ice.

    This update adds an extra modifier of +/-8 fertility per player above or below the default number. For example: if you decide to play with 4 players on a map designed for 12 all starting plots will be considered to have 64 points lower fertility....
  2. Limited Players per Landmass

    New player limit by landmass size:
    • Very Small landmasses avoided
    • Small landmasses will only have one player
    Limits are 20+ tiles for players as a hard minimum except on water maps (island plates for example). The map is evaluated for total usable land (not water or mountains) and based on that count a minimum landmass size is determined for landmasses that can have multiple players on them.

    Example: A massive map with 60% water will have approximately 3000 usable tiles....
  3. Buffer Distance Limits

    Added upper and lower limits to the distance buffer. Increased the effect of adding/subtracting players form the default number for the map size.
  4. Size matters

    Landmass size now matters! This has a HUGE impact on starting plot placement!

    And, hopefully fixed not getting the full number of desired civs on a map.
  5. Larger Worlds Split

    This is a major update, the older version must be deleted to install this!
    • Map sizes returned to default
    • New "Massive" Map size (116x74)
    • New "Enormous" Map Size (128x80)
    • Modified map scripts removed
    • Modified map utility scripts removed
    With version 2.0 forward this mod only included the larger map grid sizes and changes to the starting plot script to scale starting distanced by map size.
  6. Adjusted Continents & Rivers

    • Includes "Adjusted Continents" from PoundedChicken
    • Includes additional river code from Horem
  7. Starting Plots

    This update is focused on starting plot selection improvements.
    • Additional checks for water, mountains and snow within 6 tiles
    • Increased value of fresh water to offset the additional tile checks
  8. Better small continents and new fractal map

    If you did not have 1.1 you must delete your Mods/Larger Worlds folder before updating to 1.2
    • Small continents "grain flip" removed, should now rarely generate island maps
    • Fractal.lua added with minor tweaks to help with circumnavigation
    • Starting plots for minor civs updated to make sure there is room for all of them
    • Starting plot code for major civs updated to reduce the buffer when extra players are added to the game
  9. Re-structured

    This update requires the old "Larger Worlds" mod folder to be deleted before installing this version!

    Fixed database errors (Thanks Horem!)
    Fixed Small Continents not showing up for some people (Thanks again Horem!)
  10. Small Continents Update 2

    Map settings working for small continents map type.
    Starting plot yield values updated for small continents, no more island starts?