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Logical Resource Requirements 1.0

Rebalanced Strategic Resources

  1. Takfloyd
    A small mod that revamps the strategic resource costs of units to be better balanced and make more sense. No more using aluminium as fuel for your planes or fielding cavalry without horses! No more resources going obsolete after being used for just two units! In addition to improving realism, game balance is also a focus, with some resources becoming more abundant on the map to compensate for their importance.

    • Every horse-based cavalry unit now consumes horses. For units that previously did not require horses, this comes in the form of a per-turn maintenance cost in addition to their base game resource requirements, which means you can still field chariots without access to horses, but at a greatly reduced combat efficiency(Picture this being due to using ox chariots as replacements).
    • Many heavy units later in the game require iron to build, for example bombard cannons, ironclads and aircraft carriers. They still require fuel as upkeep, separately from their upfront build cost in iron.
    • Any units that consumed aluminium as fuel in the base game now instead cost an upfront amount of aluminium to construct, and are usually fueled by oil instead.
    • The increased importance of oil is compensated by slightly increased abundance of the resource on the map, and an extra oil per turn from each source. This also applies to horses.
    • Infantry and artillery however no longer require oil, since this was somewhat anachronistic. Infantry has no strategic resource requirement, while artillery now consumes coal for upkeep, as these machines were usually transported via railway in the early modern era where they are unlocked.
    • Niter and Uranium are also used for a couple more units than before.
    • Resource costs per unit are lower overall, usually being 15 instead of 20, as many feel the base game costs are prohibitively high. The addition of maintenance costs to more units than before should add another layer of strategy to the earlier eras of the game, as you'll want to field more courser units in peacetime and only scramble the knights when conflict arises.
    screenshot.png screenshot2.png

    How to install

    Simply download and extract the .zip inside your Mods folder under Documents/My Games/Civ VI or the equivalent location on your system. Enjoy, and please comment on any bugs or things that seem imbalanced to you or could be improved. Note that it's impossible to have a unit require more than one resource as an upfront cost - otherwise I would have done things somewhat differently.