1. PDX Firefly

    Millennia | Future Ages & Update 0

    Hello, everyone. Ian Fischer of C Prompt Games here. It somehow seems like it was a long, long time ago, but we launched Millennia just last week. It might feel more distant to C Prompt, as we had several weeks of the team testing the release build (and thanks again to everyone playing and...
  2. D

    Civilization III Conquests Plus

    Civilization III Conquests Plus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Link: Civilization III Conquest with most of the Conquests Scenarios...
  3. C

    [C3C] HOT TAKE: Mathematical proof war civs like Monarchy are BETTER than Republic in many circumstances!

    Hello there, long time Civ 3 enjoyer. I've been playing this game since about 2002, and still do at times. I've also known this site for a very long time, but this is my first serious post I've ever made, and it will be a bold one. I'm interested most of all in game balancing, and I've been...
  4. CSD

    [BTS] Normable

    Hello fellow Civ(4) fanatics! I'm a long-time guest of your forum, i.e. a former lurker, who finally signed up to post my debut mod here. The mod I'm excited to share after some closed testing is called Normable, which is a portmanteau of Normal and Noble! Normable's main purpose is to make...
  5. CSD

    Normable 1.1d

    Signature changes: Normal is the only game speed (however research and culture are scaled by a factor of 3 to allow a better ratio compared to normal production). Noble is the only difficulty (i.e. no handicaps or any hidden values applied differently to players or AI). Player/AI balancing...
  6. C

    [BNW] Some XML values (traits/difficulty) not being applied

    I'm making a small balance mod, and I need help getting my changes to traits and AI difficulty to apply in-game. I should start off by saying I don't use ModBoddy for the simple reason that I can't look at such a bright screen. Instead, I skim through the vanilla files until I find the XML...
  7. C

    Need help removing Petra's bonus from Desert Hills

    Hey y'all, I'm new to Civ V modding and was hoping to make a small mod to iron out a few pet peeves of mine. Only thing I'm thing I'm really stuck on rn is figuring out how to remove Petra's bonus from desert hills. I put the following in my Buildings.xml: <GameData>...
  8. JamesNinelives

    Poll 2: which of these changes would you like to see for the Comanche Rider?

    Please refer to this poll over the previous one! Sorry for the confusion. I couldn't edit the poll options after making the poll so I'm creating a new one taking into account the feedback recieved. The 'steal strategic' option now clarifies how that mechanic works, and I've limited the number...
  9. JamesNinelives

    Poll: which of these changes would you like to see for the Comanche Rider?

    [Edit: please disregard the stats in this poll, I have created a new one that should hopefully be clearer! I can't figure out how to delete the post, but I guess the conversation her may still be somewhat relevant.] Based on discussion in the Shoshone thread, most people seem to agree that the...
  10. Wolfmaster

    Terrain Yield Changes

    Would love to see someone make a mod that just makes a few changes to the terrain in Civ 6. Desert: +1 Production Lake: +1 Food Snow: +1 Faith Desert I've always found it weird that Desert tiles yield literally nothing by default. Not only does it make Desert awful without Petra, but some...
  11. Orange1861

    [GS] Looking For Your Advice: Should Civ 6 get its own Community Balance Patch?

    Hello! Since the April Balancing Patch came out, Firaxis has made it clear that Civ 6 is not getting another major update for some time. This is not great because while the April patch solved many issues, it created a few others. For example, Gaul is in a pretty interesting state. Due to...
  12. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] April Update Video

    Start the discussion! Edit: Can finally get rid of the 2K Video placeholder now.
  13. Z

    [NFP] Secret Societies Simple Balance

    I know that Nere has already built a mod that rebalances secret socities, but I feel that it goes too far and makes too many changes to the game mechanics. I would like a simpler one. It would be interesting if people posted their modding solutions to rebalance the secret societies, for getting...
  14. Zegangani

    ALL Bugs, AI actions and UI Elements in Civ VI we want to have fixed

    Since Civ VI Developers are constantly checking this Community for Feedback and Suggestions from CivFanatics (Civ/ Leader & CS Pickers, Barbarian Mode...etc), and the Bugs Section to gather more Infos about the Bugs...etc, I thought it might be a good Idea to make a Thread just to submit ALL the...
  15. SkipperXIV

    [MOD] Skipper's Tweaks

    Have you ever looked at Democracy and wondered why you would ever choose it? Ever look at the Javelin Thrower and wish you could just build regular archers? Well this mod is for you! I've taken a look at many of the options available in Civ 3, from governments to units to even wonders and...
  16. SkipperXIV

    Skipper's Tweaks 1.5.0

    This mod originally started as a simple tweak, allowing cavalry to upgrade into tanks so they didn't just deadend. It soon ballooned in scope and evolved into the form you see today, a total sweeping balance update to the existing game while trying to maintain the spirit of the vanilla...
  17. K

    [NFP] Idea for tall cities (balance change)

    - Neighborhoods increase max. number of specialists in specialty districts by 1. It stacks, i.e. more neighborhoods -- more specialists. - New policy cards: - (Economic) +1 amenity per 2 campus or industrial zone specialists. +2 science and production in cities with both districts. -...
  18. JamesNinelives

    On AI valuation of strategic resources.

    I wanted to bring this up because it seems very difficult to perfect. What I would like to do here is discuss what an ideal outcome would look like to give a frame of reference for further discussion. I not asking for a single value that applies for all resources or all situations, simply the...
  19. TyrannusRex

    A Medieval Era upgrade to the Catapult

    It may just be me, but I personally think that Catapults become a teensy bit outmoded by the Medieval Era. Just a little. The way I see it, Catapults are for taking out Ancient Walls, and Bombards are for taking out Renaissance Walls, but Medieval Walls... well, again, maybe this is just my own...
  20. JamesNinelives

    Ancient Ruins Balance - which of the rewards would you like adjusted?

    You can pick any, all, or none this time! Whether you think something is too strong, too weak, or just not very interesting, which of the rewards that you can get from ancient ruins would you like changed or at least reviewed? Moved to General Balance. - Recursive
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