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Magil's Wondrous Wonders 3.1.0

Adds National Wonders and overhauls World Wonders.

  1. Gathering Storm update.

    Check OP for details.
  2. Fix and Update

    This update fixes and issue with the National Industrial Complex, and removes defensive wall strength from national wonders. Instead, a gameplay script has been added that should delete national wonders upon city transfer.
  3. Compatibility update for Gathering Storm.

    Changelog 3.0.5
    • Compatibility update for Gathering Storm.
    • Converted internal files to SQL.
    • Fix for policy cards affecting National Wonders properly.
  4. ZIP File

    By request, a *.zip version is now up for download.
  5. First Update for Rise and Fall

    Changelog 2.0.0
    • Removed dependency on Aztec DLC.
    • Hanging Gardens no longer provides +15% Growth.
    • Reduced Huey Teocalli's lake food bonus to +1 (down from +3). Culture bonus reduced to +1 as well.
    • Removed district lake adjacencies from Huey Teocalli. Replaced with the following effect: your Holy Site, Campus, Theater Squares, and Industrial Zones get a minor adjacency bonus from coast and lake tiles, and your Commercial Hubs get a standard adjacency bonus from...
  6. Update 1.9.2

    Changelog 1.9.2
    • Jebel Barkal no longer allows you to purchase units with faith. Instead, it has the following benefit: Gain Faith equal to 25% of the unit's cost when producing a non civilian unit in any city in your empire.
    • I liked the previous modifier but it was incompatible with the Theocracy government. This one should encourage the same kind of gameplay, however.
    • Fixed Heroic Epic text: Gain Culture equal to 25% of the unit's cost when producing a non civilian...
  7. Belated pdate for DLC Wonders, Civs, and patches

    Changelog 1.9.1
    • Fixed Terracotta Army and Venetian Arsenal providing three units rather than two when producing certain units. Hopefully, anyway.
    • Changed the Shrine of the Saint, Mahabodhi Temple, Hagia Sophia, Mont St. Michel, and Potala Palace to affect Holy Site district yields, rather than building yields. They increase the yields of your Holy Sites for each building in those districts.
    • Instead of providing +1 Faith to Monuments, now Stonehenge provides +1 Faith...
  8. Hopefully fixed

    This update should hopefully make the mod compatible with the newest patch.
  9. Synced to Steam Version

    By request.
  10. Australian Summer Update

    The following has changed in this version:
    • The Great Lighthouse no longer provides a free Trader when a Harbor district is built. Instead, it gives +1 sight to all naval units.
    • The Colossus no longer provides a free Trader and additional trade route capacity. Instead, each of your cities with both a Harbor district and Commercial Hub increase your trade route capacity by 1, and whenever one of your cities builds a Harbor district, you receive a free Trader unit in the city that...