Magil's Wondrous Wonders

Magil's Wondrous Wonders 3.1.0

This update fixes and issue with the National Industrial Complex, and removes defensive wall strength from national wonders. Instead, a gameplay script has been added that should delete national wonders upon city transfer.
Changelog 3.0.5
  • Compatibility update for Gathering Storm.
  • Converted internal files to SQL.
  • Fix for policy cards affecting National Wonders properly.
By request, a *.zip version is now up for download.
Changelog 2.0.0
  • Removed dependency on Aztec DLC.
  • Hanging Gardens no longer provides +15% Growth.
  • Reduced Huey Teocalli's lake food bonus to +1 (down from +3). Culture bonus reduced to +1 as well.
  • Removed district lake adjacencies from Huey Teocalli. Replaced with the following effect: your Holy Site, Campus, Theater Squares, and Industrial Zones get a minor adjacency bonus from coast and lake tiles, and your Commercial Hubs get a standard adjacency bonus from coast and lake tiles.
  • Reduced Estadio do Maracana bonus to district projects to 20%, and removed happiness requirement.
  • Oracle Faith purchase discount to 25% (down from 50%, back to base game value).
  • Ruhr Valley bonus to Industrial Zones adjacent to rivers reduced to 2.
  • Again had to temporarily disable Chinese translation until it is updated.
  • Potala Palace Holy Site faith bonus changed to simply +2 Faith for each building in the district, to be more consistent with the other wonders that do similar things. Overall faith output is the same.
  • Shrine of the Saint tooltip updated to proper effect.
  • Angkor Wat no longer provides +3 Amenities from Entertainment. Instead, it causes your luxury resources provide an Amenity to one additional city.
  • Updated mutually exclusive building tooltip to more accurately represent how National Wonders work.
  • Grand Temple no longer requires you to have founded a religion.
  • Apostolic Palace no longer requires a worship building as a prerequisite. It requires the Grand Temple as a prerequisite and you must have founded a religion to build it.
  • Eiffel Tower no longer provides +50 points towards all current and future Great People. Instead, it adds +5 Tourism to all of your World Wonders.
  • (Rise and Fall) Great Library changed so that it no longer provides +1 Great Writer point, a free Great Writer, or +2 Science from Great Works of Writing. Instead, provides its old bonus of +1 Great Writer point per turn in each city with a Library, and also provides a random Eureka when you earn a Great Writer, in addition to when another player earns a Great Scientist.
  • (Rise and Fall) Statue of Liberty bonuses changed. No longer provides stable loyalty to nearby cities or free settlers. Instead, provides +3 Loyalty per turn and +15% Growth for all cities on your home continent, as well as +10% Production and +25% Gold for all cities on your home continent that have 2 or more specialty districts. Changed Harbor adjacency requirement to City Center.
  • (Rise and Fall) Forbidden City's culture reverted to 5 and no longer has a regional range. Instead, it now causes each of your cities within 6 tiles to always have the maximum amount of loyalty.
  • (Rise and Fall) St. Basil's Cathedral now must be built on Tundra or Tundra Hills tiles adjacent to the City Center. Its Religious Tourism bonus applies to all of your cities, not just the city in which it is built.
  • (Rise and Fall) Taj Mahal grants the city that builds it +20% Production and Growth during a Golden Age, as well as +15% Gold, Science, Culture, and Faith during a Golden Age.
  • (Rise and Fall) Kotoku-in no longer grants +20% Faith. Instead, it grants you a Warrior Monk whenever you construct a Holy Site district, and your Warrior Monks get +6 Combat Strength and +50% Combat Experience. You still must have founded a religion or have a majority religion in the city that builds the Holy Site to receive Warrior Monks.
  • (Rise and Fall) Instead of providing +2 Production for Industrial Zones adjacent to rivers, Ruhr Valley grants 20% Production to all cities within 6 tiles.
  • (Rise and Fall) Instead of providing 1 Science per specialty district in your cities, Oxford University grants 20% Science to all cities within 6 tiles.
  • (Rise and Fall) Instead of providing +10% Faith in all cities, Hagia Sophia provides +20% Faith to all cities within 6 tiles.
  • (Rise and Fall) Instead of providing +10% Culture in all cities, Hermitage provides +20% Culture to all cities within 6 tiles.
Changelog 1.9.2
  • Jebel Barkal no longer allows you to purchase units with faith. Instead, it has the following benefit: Gain Faith equal to 25% of the unit's cost when producing a non civilian unit in any city in your empire.
  • I liked the previous modifier but it was incompatible with the Theocracy government. This one should encourage the same kind of gameplay, however.
  • Fixed Heroic Epic text: Gain Culture equal to 25% of the unit's cost when producing a non civilian unit in the city.
Changelog 1.9.1
  • Fixed Terracotta Army and Venetian Arsenal providing three units rather than two when producing certain units. Hopefully, anyway.
  • Changed the Shrine of the Saint, Mahabodhi Temple, Hagia Sophia, Mont St. Michel, and Potala Palace to affect Holy Site district yields, rather than building yields. They increase the yields of your Holy Sites for each building in those districts.
  • Instead of providing +1 Faith to Monuments, now Stonehenge provides +1 Faith to your City Center districts that contain a Monument.
  • The above was done to hopefully resolve issues where building yields did not update properly when capturing cities founded prior to constructing the appropriate wonder. Districts seem to update properly, while buildings do not.
  • The Indonesian Prasat should be properly recognized as a Temple by the above wonders.
  • Temporarily disabled foreign translations as they are no longer accurate (if those who did them get in touch with me, we can update them!).

Changelog 1.9.0
  • Updated the Shrine of the Saint and Potala Palace to properly affect the Dar-E-Mehr and Stupa.
  • Apadana: Removed previous bonuses. Now provides 1 Envoy upon completion, as well as 1 additional Envoy whenever you complete a Wonder in any of your cities. Also provides +3 Influence points per turn towards earning envoys.
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus: +3 Great Admiral points per combat kill using naval units. +1 Great Admiral and +1 Great Engineer points per turn.
  • Venetian Arsenal: Moved Great Admiral points per kill to Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Instead now gives empire-wide +1 Production to coast tiles.
  • Angkor Wat gives +3 amenities from Entertainment.
  • Terracotta Army effects changed to match World Wonders-only version. Now provides one promotion level for all current units upon completion, and whenever you build a military unit in the city, you receive a second copy of that unit.
  • Oracle's original bonuses restored, except Faith patronage discount still at 50%.
  • Heroic Epic effects changed. No longer provides experience and combat strength bonus. Instead provides a free promotion for units trained in the city. When you produce a unit in the city, you gain 25% of the unit's combat strength as culture.
  • National Academy effects changed. No longer provides a free promotion for all current units. Instead provides +100% Experience and +4 Combat Strength for land units trained in the city.
  • Apostolic Palace can now be built with the Stupa or Dar-E-Mehr as a prerequisite.
This update should hopefully make the mod compatible with the newest patch.
The following has changed in this version:
  • The Great Lighthouse no longer provides a free Trader when a Harbor district is built. Instead, it gives +1 sight to all naval units.
  • The Colossus no longer provides a free Trader and additional trade route capacity. Instead, each of your cities with both a Harbor district and Commercial Hub increase your trade route capacity by 1, and whenever one of your cities builds a Harbor district, you receive a free Trader unit in the city that builds it.
This change is intended to help out Harbors a little if you invest in the early game ocean-based wonders. I'll be updating the Steam workshop version very soon.
I'd like to get some feedback on these changes before I push this to the Workshop:
  • Removed ExclusiveBuildings for the National Heritage Site and all National Wonders in the Holy Site district. They can now be built in the same city.
  • Added a very small amount of Outer Defense Health to National Wonders. This will cause them to be destroyed upon capture.
  • National Wonder cost re-balanced for later eras.
  • Slightly reduced the Culture yield of some National Wonders.
Notably, I have finally bit the bullet and decided I'm going to add Outer Defense health to National Wonders. This lets them effectively function as Walls, so a city that builds them will have fortification health (though much less than that provided by walls) and have a ranged attack. However, National Wonders will be destroyed upon city capture.

This means you can no longer acquire more than one National Wonder via conquering other player's cities (though I believe that if you can get the cities gifted to you, it'd still let you have multiples). I've tested this and they aren't obsoleted by Civil Engineering like Walls are, which is good (I'm not sure how wall obsolescence is handled).
This is a fairly small update, which has the following features:
  • Huey Teocalli: Local bonus to amenities from lake tiles preserved. Other bonuses changed to the following: +3 Food and +2 Culture for each lake tile in your empire. Campus, Commercial Hub, Theater Square, Holy Site, and Industrial Zone districts in your empire gain extra yields when adjacent to a lake tile (+4 Gold for a Commercial Hub, +2 of their respective yield for the others).
  • Added dependency for Aztec DLC. You will be required to have the Aztec DLC enabled to use Wondrous Wonders if using this version of the mod.
  • Added reference for TCS Omnibus. This causes it to load after Omnibus if both mods are enabled, but otherwise does nothing (this does not mean WW requires Omnibus).
That took a while, but I admit I'm mostly holding off further modding until an update is released. I believe one is coming very soon. Thankfully I have learned to use the FireTuner for CivBE in Civ VI which should make future testing smoother and quicker.

In regards to the Production Queue, I have had reports from other mods this has been integrated into that National Wonders didn't properly respect the one-per-Civ limit when a queue was enabled, but I have been unable to replicate this issue (even when a Production Queue is enabled, it won't let me build more than one of my National Wonders--it may appear on the build list but it won't add to the queue).

I'm going to add a disclaimer that says this, but my current experience is that you can indeed use this mod with the Production Queue mod or Quick UI or other similar UI mods. On the other hand, if someone can provide me with a save file where it's not working and you are allowed to build multiple National Wonders, that would be very helpful and I'll look into it.

In the meantime, however, I fully expect Firaxis will add its own production queue to the base game--possibly in the incoming update (okay, maybe that's naive, we'll see what happens). So I don't think I'll do any more work regarding compatibility with production queues at least until the next update releases, as I expect it to be very soon.

If there are any problems with this release, be sure to let me know. I am trying a few new things but it's working on my end up to this point.
Perhaps this is a bit overdue, but I'm now releasing Wondrous Wonders 1.7. Updates are expected to be slower because I consider the mod to largely be in a good state right now and I have few further ideas that I wish to implement, and some of my other ideas will require me to either learn new tricks or wait for more advanced modding tools to be released.

  • Apostolic Palace: All Great Person points removed.
  • National Treasury: Great Merchant points from 5 to 2.
  • International Airport: Added 3 Great Merchant points per turn.
  • National Research Institute: Great Engineer/Great Scientist points from 6 to 3 each.
  • National Industrial Complex: Great Engineer points from 4 to 2.
  • Ironworks: Great Engineer points from 2 to 1.
  • Grand Bazaar: Great Merchant points from 2 to 1.
  • National Academy: Great General points from 5 to 3.
  • Writers'/Artists'/Musicians' Guild: Base GPP removed. Retains GPP to districts modifier.
  • National Epic: Reworked to only provide 1 GPP of the respective type to districts instead of 2. +1 Artist/Musician to Theater Square. Base Great Artist point changed to Great Writer point.
  • National Epic: Now allows the city that builds it to construct one additional district beyond what the population limit would allow.
  • Broadway: %-based bonus to Great Merchants, Writers, Artists, and Musicians from 50 to 30.
  • Heroic Epic: No longer provides Great General points to districts. Instead, provides a +4 Combat Bonus for units trained in this city (in addition to preexisting +50% EXP bonus).
Rationale: While I think Great People are a very fun, interesting, and interactive part of the game, I was simply seeing too many of them with this mod active. Not all the time, but enough of the time. This has been reported in feedback as well (and I'll again thank everyone who has reported as much). These changes are an attempt to curtail that. The Shrine of the Saint was not changed as Great Prophets are somewhat special and there's a good reason why it gives +3. Great Merchant points were added to the International Airport as the late game merchants are key in securing a cultural victory (adding Tourism to districts, increasing the Tourism output of a friendly trade route, etc.). It was a bit odd for one National Wonder at the end of the tree to have no GPP.

The Heroic Epic especially proved problematic, and while I liked the old ability, I actually think the new one is better (I debated some other abilities to allow it to give to units but decided on something simple for now). Getting Great Generals too quickly causes lots of problems since some of them grant you units which may be too advanced for the era the game is currently in.

The current amount of Great People in the game is limited, and that's why this doesn't work so well. It could if more Great People were added to the game, but as that is outside the scope of this mod, so this is the change I am currently making.

Musings: These are ideas I currently have bouncing around in my head and I'd like feedback on:
  • Rework the Oracle to not provide a faith patronage discount. It could have other effects, like +20 points towards all current and future Great People, and awarding random tech/civic boosts. This may call for reworking the Eiffel Tower slightly as well.
  • This would be to move the faith patronage discount to one or more buildings in the National Temple->Apostolic Palace National Wonder chain. By specializing a city and/or civilization towards generating Faith, you can reap great rewards with a patronage discount.
Those are just musings at this point, I may not actually do that, as things are pretty functional the way they are. Mostly, it's in response to the current state of religion and faith. In the base game I don't feel they're that strong, though there are some strategies that can utilize them rather well, they're a bit narrow in function. I've made some efforts to broaden that--note that the Grand Temple's direct effect is to replace the useless Great Prophet points on religious buildings with cultural great person points once you have founded a religion.

I'll be updating the OP in short order to reflect the changes.
For now, I've elected to not do any modifications that require direct asset file replacing (been back and forth on this, as you can see). Adding new resources does this, so for now, no new resources.

This update is relatively small:
  • Code cleanup (removed some lines that were causing warnings).
  • The Colossus provides an additional +2 Gold for Intercontinental trade routes (in addition to +2 for all trade routes).
  • Estadio de Maracana provides 3 amenities instead of 2 to all cities. The district project bonus has been reworked: when your Civ's happiness is high relative to other Civs, all of your cities get +50% production towards district projects.
Wanted to get this out before Christmas, as I might not be around much for the next few days. With that said, be sure to report any bugs/irregular activity and I'll be continuing to fix and adjust things. I feel like the mod is in a rather good state right now and doesn't need any drastic changes. I'm also going to try and keep the OP up to date to report new findings (National Wonders do not play nice with the Production Queue mod, for example).
This update doesn't include any gameplay changes, but it's quite important since it no longer requires you to modify the base game asset files. This version also includes separate text files for localization purposes rather than hard-coded text, because it seems that the bug that prevented it from loading properly upon reloading a game has been fixed. The only real change I've made in this version is to include that Estádio do Maracanã adds 6 Culture to every city in your civilization (this for some reason was left out of the text description in the base game but it happens there too as far as I can tell).

Anyways, now you'll no longer have to worry about asset updating of any kind, as the mod does it for you. I've also separated the World Wonder and National Wonders files into separate folders for ease of removing one or the other if that's your preference. Testing on my end looks good, so here you go, be sure to report any problems with the text, icons, or other functionality if I've missed them, but initial tests on my end have shown no errors.
This is a new version with a few minor bugfixes and other assorted adjustments. No asset update is necessary for this update if you're using 1.4.

  • Minor fixes and cleanup.
  • Oracle no longer boosts local districts. Instead gives +1 Great Person point of every type of Great Person. Increased base culture and faith yields to 4.
  • Removed National Epic effect that grants points towards all current and future Great People. Boosted its other effect to give +2 GPP to local districts instead of +1, but added special exception for the Theater Square, it adds +1 Writer/Artist/Musician points to the Theater Square.
  • Pyramids now gives 2 free builders instead of 1.
  • Estadio do Macarana now gives all of your cities +30% Production towards district projects.
This is sort of a transitional update. I think I do want to add unique luxury resources to certain wonders (Estadio do Macarana and Broadway in particular), but it will require some additional asset modding, so I'll be doing that in the next update. I also may want to shuffle some bonuses around once this is done.

The Oracle still had a rather potent local effect, so I felt I could adjust it to be more "global" to be in line with my World Wonder adjustments. The 50% Faith patronage discount is very powerful in and of itself I am finding, especially with the religious national wonders and some decent holy sites. Pyramids always just felt slightly too weak to me, so I think 2 free builders rather than 1 will be enough to make it feel right. It's a strong wonder already so I didn't feel a big buff was necessary. The National Epic change was made to compliment the change to the Oracle, so the National Epic now essentially does what the Oracle used to on a local level (with a slight adjustment made to the Theater Square bonus).

My limited testing has encountered no problems, but all reports on any potential conflicts/issues is appreciated.
Changes include:
  • International Airport no longer gives +25% Tourism to civs you have a foreign trade route with. Instead, it gives the Aerodrome district it is constructed in 25 base Tourism.
This modifier didn't seem to stack properly with the Great Person who did the same thing, so I've changed it. Keep in mind this 25 Tourism will be subject to all of your various modifiers (like Computers doubling it to 50) so it's still fairly significant. Tourism modifiers are a bit finicky, and don't always stack like I'd expect. Originally my plan was to have one wonder give +100% Tourism to each of the 3 main kinds of Great Works (Writing, Art, Music), but it wouldn't stack with the bonuses provided by policy cards/techs, so I abandoned that idea.
  • The Grand Temple's slots now give a normal theming bonus, doubling the output of Great Works slotted in it. It is themed when slotting Great Works from different artists (they need not be of the same type). It has 3 religious/sculpture great work slots.
Been back and forth on this, but it's honestly more balanced this way. As amusing as it was with the original 6 slots + triple theming bonus, 72 Faith output is pretty crazy.
  • Removed atomic era civic boost from Broadway.
Again, I felt Broadway was powerful enough with its new +50% to Great Merchants/Artists/Writers/Musicians. Here's a note: I considered removing the Great Work slots and adding a unique luxury resource, "Hit Movies", to Broadway, so that it would give you 3 copies of this unique luxury resource upon being built, one of which you could keep and trade two of them. Doing this however requires lots of additional asset modding, which is likely to cause mod conflicts with other larger modpacks. What do you guys think? It would require modding both Icons_Resources and FontIcons to work properly.
  • World History Museum renamed to National Heritage Site. It now requires either an Art Museum or an Artifact Museum as prerequisite. The 30% Culture boost is still there, but the Great Work slots have been reworked. It now has 2 slots for Writings, 3 slots for Works of Art, and 1 slot for Music. It is automatically themed when filled, doubling the output of the Great Works.
So I figured out how to make works of different kinds theme together. Basically, by applying the British Museum auto-theme feature to the building, it will be themed when filled, even if the slots are for different works. Not quite sure how the theming bonus is defined, but I've tested this and it works, so I'm calling it good. Again, I tried a lot to make it work with artifact slots, but everything about the coding for artifact museums and archaeologists is very strange to me, and messing with it in any way causes problems. I'm satisfied with this version of the "national museum". The Great Work display is a bit strange (the graphics of the slots change to whatever kind of work you slot first), but functional.
  • Most World Wonder/building theming bonus changes have been moved to a separate file, ThemingBonus.xml.
This is a ease of mod compatibility change. If you want to run this mod alongside thecrazyscot's Omnibus mod, or More Theming Bonuses, you can simply remove this file and it should work just fine.
  • Many National Wonder icons have been changed.
This will call for an assets update, but it's optional of course. The mod will still work just fine even if you don't update your assets. Still, if you want to see the icon changes I've made, make sure to use the new Icons_Buildings.xml (or add in the code I'm going to add to the OP soon). I discovered you could use tech/civic icons for buildings and it seems to function just fine, so I've been doing that! This also adds "FOW" icons. I don't even know what these are used for (I assume it's related to strategic view + Fog of War or something), but they're there now.

If anything crashes or there are any other unforeseen problems, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Testing on my end looks good.
This is a relatively minor update, but does fix some issues the mod was having:
  • Circus Maximus now provides 2 amenities rather than 1 in its 6-tile regional range.
  • Fixed policy card and France's wonder production bonus to properly apply to National Wonders (it was supposed to be in the last update, but wasn't working due to a silly mistake on my part).
  • Grand Temple now has only 3 slots, but requires works of art from different artists to be themed.
  • Changed World History Museum, so it no longer interacts with an archaeology museum or grants an archaeologist. It now has 4 slots for Great Works of Art and can be themed. I really wanted it to work differently, but the interaction between archaeology museums and archeologists appears hard-coded, so creating a new building that can support an archaeologist was causing issues with all archaeologists. The workaround involving adding slots to the existing museum worked, but would delete all artifacts in the museum. Neither of these outcomes seems acceptable to me, so it's an art museum now, at least until I can devise some other solution to let it store artifacts.
I do have a version that uses localized text rather than hard-coded text, but for now I'm not uploading it because it appears the bug where loading a game after you've already started a game still seems to fail to load localized text. Once that bug is fixed I'll properly change the mod.

Otherwise, I don't really have plans to change much about the mod at this point, though I'm open to suggestions or feedback, as always. Though if I discover some other major bug, or something else I can do to reduce mod conflicts, I will also update as appropriate to respond to that.
Changes in 1.2:
  • Minor code cleanup to hopefully continue to reduce mod conflicts.
  • Library of National History's +3 Culture is moved to National College. National College now has 2 slots for Great Works of Writing and can be themed.
  • World History Museum now allows its city to support an additional Archaeologist (to hopefully cover any potential bugs with the free Archaeologist it grants the city). World History Museum now generates 2 points for Great Writers, Great Artists, and Great Musicians.
  • Minor production cost/Great Person point adjustments on several National Wonders to make them more consistent across eras. Changed Grand Temple's icon.
  • Great Lighthouse now also grants +30% Production in all of your cities towards Harbor districts and buildings in that district.
  • Removed +5 Production from the Venetian Arsenal. The Venetian Arsenal again grants +20% Production to all of your coastal cities.
  • Ironworks grants +1 Production to all strategic resources worked by this city. National Industrial Complex provides production equal to the production output of the district and only has 1 citizen slot now (down from 3).
For now, I've left the Apostolic Palace alone. Apostles running out of promotions is a problem with the base game that I'm not sure how to address, but I think the conflict with the Yerevan city-state is fairly rare enough now to leave it as is with a disclaimer... at least until I can think of something more fitting for the Apostolic Palace's bonus (suggestions are, of course, welcome).

At this stage I have more or less implemented most features I feel I can that I have ideas for, but I will continue to make additions/adjustments based on feedback, and do my best to keep the mod as error/bug/conflict-free as I can. I'm relatively new to Civ modding so I can't promise perfection, but I'll keep at it.

However, I do plan to have another version out fairly soon that will move hard-coded text to a localization file. This won't affect most of you, but it's good modding practice and may help out down the line.
Changes in this version (will update OP in short order):
  • National Wonders: No longer count as Wonders (thus appear in the building list on the city screen rather than the wonder list). Policies that increase the production of wonders now affect National Wonders (changes included in new xml file, NationalWondersBonus.xml). This should remove the problem where another player building a National Wonder cancels the production of your own. Still may potentially have problems if two Greeces are in the game (needs testing, which I will do later when I have more time).
  • Great Zimbabwe: Removed local trade route benefits. Now provides a global +1 Gold to trade routes for each of your trading posts the route paths through in both your cities and foreign cities. Retains other benefits and the Cattle placement requirement is still removed. Also changed how it was coded to hopefully avoid conflicts.
  • Venetian Arsenal: Removed production bonus to coastal cities. Retains Great Admiral points when your naval units score kills as well as +5 Production. When you produce a naval unit in this city, receive an extra copy of that unit. Feedback here is appreciated--should it keep the production bonus too? Is it too weak?
  • Heroic Epic and State Armory: Removed 25% XP from State Armory. Heroic Epic XP bonus upgraded to 50%. Heroic Epic no longer adds production towards units in encampments. State Armory grants +50% production towards military units in this city instead of +15% production.
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