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MagyarMod: Hungary 2018-01-06

This mod adds Hungary to the game with Matthias Corvinus and Saint Stephen as leaders.

- Pro Libertate!: Raises production for cavalry, anti-cavalry, melee and ranged units by 33% when Hungary is at war with another major civilization.

- Saint Stephen: Holy King (Raises production for all religious buildings and the holy site by 33%)
- Matthias Corvinus: Bibliotheca Corviniana (raises culture and science output of libraries by 2 each)

- Huszár: replaces cavalry, straight copy from Toussaints mod

- Végvár: replaces armory, raises outer defense of the city center by 20, provides 2 tourism with conservation civic

More features:
- complete english and german localization

Known issues:
- custom art for Matthias Corvinus, Végvár and Huszár are missing; better icon art needed (feel free to volunteer!)
- Hungarys and Stephens traits will only apply to buildings / units coming with the vanilla game; additional content delivered by mods will not be affected
- Hungarian localization missing (may need a hand here, too)

Special thanks to:
- Toussaint

Feel to comment, changes based on feedback are perfectly possible.

Link to Steam Workshop entry: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1260293581
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