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Middle-earth Mod 0.4.1

Middle-earth, Civ4 style

  1. Units and Artifacts Update

    v0.4.1- 08/8/20 (CURRENT)
    - Added Artifacts Mod
    - Added the Platypedia
    - Added Umbar to All Maps and Fixed Minor Errors with Maps
    - Updated Civilizations' Starting Techs
    - Updated Durin BG
    - Changed Various Requirements of Techs for Buildings and Units
    - Added a Bonus for Farms once Crop Rotation is Researched
    - Added Free GP's to certain techs
    - Added Many New Units (Need to add many more flavor units in future updates)
    - Reworked Some Unique Units


    1. Civ4ScreenShot0241.JPG
    2. Civ4ScreenShot0242.JPG
    3. Civ4ScreenShot0244.JPG
    4. Civ4ScreenShot0245.JPG
    5. Civ4ScreenShot0246.JPG
    6. Civ4ScreenShot0247.JPG
    7. Civ4ScreenShot0248.JPG
  2. Leaderheads Update

    Change Log:
    v0.4- 04/22/20
    - Modified Pierce Promotion
    - Minor Bug Fixes
    - Reduced the strength of certain civics
    - Increased the hammer cost of many units/buildings
    - Reduced the power of certain buildings
    - Added Tech Quotes
    - Updated Leaderheads/Leaders
    - Added Certain Diplomacy Text
    - New Main Menu Added*
    - Small Map Added

    *Old one still available in options menu


    1. Civ4ScreenShot0089.JPG
    2. Galadriel_Port.JPG
    3. GilGalad_Port.JPG
    4. OropherPort.JPG
    5. WitchKing_Port.jpg
  3. Technology and Expansion Update

    v0.3- 12/21/18
    - Added Umbar
    - Added Many New Technologies and Rebalanced Costs
    - Added 7 new values + 7 "missionary" units
    - Added Treasury, Messenger Hall, and Feast Hall
    - Added 10 new wonders
    - Added 6 new promotions
    - Added 11 new civics
    - Minor Bug Fixes
  4. Resource and Map Update

    v.0.2.5 - 07/07/18
    - Added Honey, Mushrooms, Apples, and Camels
    - Added/Edited Game Text
    - Removed incorrect UnitCombat Popups from building a worker or settler
    - Replaced Lions with Wargs
    - Map edited
    - Added new River Crossing
    - Added "No Settlers" Game Option for Custom Scenarios
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  5. Middle-earth Mod - Text and Balance Update

    v0.2.4 - 6/21/18
    - Edited civics
    - Edited some of the traits
    - Added and Edited Game Text
    - Added option to download Middle-earth BUG
    - Map edited, slightly more balanced.
  6. Dwarven Art Update

    - Added Dwarven Unit Art
    - Added Soundtrack
    - Added Civic Text
    - Added Building Text
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  7. Middle-earth Mod 0.2.2

    - Added Angmar unit art
    - Added Wonder Art: Chamber of Mazarbul, Rath Dinen, Dol Guldur, Durthang
    - Updated city lists
    - Added a new main menu with music.
    - Added Civilopedia and Strategy texts to Units
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  8. Middle-earth Mod v. 0.2.1

    v0.2.1 - 01/15/17
    *Added Easterling unit art.
    *Changed Select/Order sounds. Not Middle-earth voices, but much better than before.
    *Changed Diplomacy Music. Enjoy!
    *Updated Game Text (Civics)
    *Updated the Traits for every leader