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Middle Eastern building pack 2016-10-05

Middle Eastern building pack

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    This pack contains several structures ripped by me from Anno 1404. Some of them are used in Realism Invictus, but most I just ripped and then found no use for. Most have reasonable polycounts (the two fortresses from the pack are a bit high - they are better used as wonders only) and reasonably-sized textures (mosque is 1024x512, but you can of course downsize it as you like). The only building that suffered some damage in conversion process is the caravanserai - you can see the poles where cloth tents are missing, but otherwise it is a functional building.

    Please don't post comments here, use the thread for discussion: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=10232457


    1. eastern_buildings_RaI.jpg