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Milae Pangea v3

Smaller map designed to make intense games

  1. Milae
    Map needs to be extracted and then put into the folder (Windows location): Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Maps

    About OverrideAssignStartingPlots Option on Milae Mapscripts:

    'Yes' uses the AssignStartingPlots.lua file + some changes made. This can have compatibility issues but has my intended resource distribution.

    'No' uses only functions in AssignStartingPlots.lua file from within the game so should always be compatible with any version of Civ.

    v3 changes:

    - Size increase for all size options
    - More water
    - inland seas will be ~30% connected to oceans (do the rest with forts)
    - Rainfall modifiers altered
    - More desert
    - Fewer oases
    - Less Tundra and Snow
    - Snow now allowed along rivers
    - More hills
    - Reductions for all resources