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[MODCOMP] New Profession: Inventor w/ Tech Tree Co 2016-10-05

[MODCOMP] New Profession: Inventor w/ Tech Tree Co

  1. Kailric
    This is the Core Mod for the Inventor w/Tech Tree mod meaning that it is a stripped down version for Modders. There are no extra mods, art, etc. only the basic components that make the Mod work. If you load up this mod without any changes you will be playing Vanilla Colonization and the Reasearch Advisor will show no techs.

    This version is to make it easier for Modders to integrate this Mod into their own projects.

    Aymerick (MultiYields Consumed Mod)

    For a Full version with lots of Tech Examples and a full tech tree please visit the main forum at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=9029136#post9029136