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Model T 1919 Automobile (Smaller) 2016-10-05

Model T 1919 Automobile (Smaller)

  1. Balthasar
    This unit is a 1919 Ford Model T touring car. It looks enough like earlier T's to be used in scenarios depicting anything within a decade more or less.
    There are two versions of this unit, in two different sizes. Here is a size comparison:

    The Smaller one, named Model T 1919 (this download) is for use in modern scenarios, where it has to compare in size to, for example, the tank.

    The Larger one (go to THIS download) is for scenarios like an Old West Mod, in which all of the units are scaled to the same size as the horseman there.

    Both units have large and small icons, units 32 files and alternative images.

    See the Model T Thread for more details. Enjoy!


    1. modelt_database_Y01.png
    2. 128x128dark.png
    3. 500x500 shad.png
    4. Preview White.png
    5. Vehicle size comparison.png
    6. Preview Dark.png