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King Arthur's Super Scenario Title Screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

Civ III man flies to the rescue!

  1. Balthasar
    These are title screens for King Arthur's Super Civ Scenario, for which I made a bunch of graphics, including a custom map based on Christopher Nolan's Gotham City. The title screen includes a picture of the game map in the background. The Mod is pretty old (in Civ years), but I've been posting my custom title screens lately, and this one certainly deserves an upload as much as any other.

    I've included both Civ III Complete and Conquests title screen and custom title screen buttons files.

    Drop the files from the rar into the Scenario /Art folder of your choice, and you're good to go. Sadly, the only way to see it is to open that scenario, choose menu, and then exit to something that will take you back to the menu, like New Game or Load Game. Then you can see this.



    You can find more information about this and other of my custom title screens at my "Odds and Ends" thread in the Civ III Customization and Creation Graphics Forum.


    1. Super Scenario Title Screen (Civ Complete).png
    2. Super Scenario Title Screen (Conquests).png