"Breaker Boys" Title Screen

"Breaker Boys" Title Screen 2018-07-25

A breaker boy was a coal-mining worker in the United States and United Kingdom whose job was to separate impurities from coal by hand in a coal breaker. Although breaker boys were primarily children, elderly coal miners who could no longer work in the mines because of age, disease, or accident were also sometimes employed as breaker boys. The use of breaker boys began in the mid-1860s. Although public disapproval of the employment of children as breaker boys existed by the mid-1880s, the practice did not end until the 1920s. - wikipedia

This title screen can be used with any mod. I've included both Civ III Complete and Conquests title screen and custom title screen buttons files.
Drop the files from the rar into the Scenario /Art folder of your choice, and you're good to go. Sadly, the only way to see it is to open that scenario, choose menu, and then exit to something that will take you back to the menu, like New Game or Load Game. Then you can see this.

Worth the effort, I'm sure. :D

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