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Modern Buildings V. 6.00

Additional Buildings for the Modern Age

  1. Made changes for compatibility with Loaded Districts

    Made changes for compatibility with Loaded Districts:

    Replaced Shelter with Megachurch

    Replaced Particle Collider with Observatory

    Replaced Hospital with Court House

    Added new building Ground Control Station for Aerodrome.

    Replaced Bunker icon.

    Adjusted some building costs.
  2. Replaced the Convention Center with the Hotel.

    Replaced the Convention Center with the Hotel.

    Convention Center moved to Bonus Buildings mod.
  3. Made changes for better compatibility with Neighborhood Infrastructure

    Replaced Mortuary with Shelter. Converts Faith to Food.
    Replaced Municipal Garden with Convention Center. Converts Culture to Gold.
    Replaced Transport Depot with Distribution Center.

    Particle Collider now converts Science to Production.
    Recycling Center now converts Production to Gold.
  4. Fixed Bunker

    Bunker now appears in the city production menu as it should. Removed outer defense strength points to make this happen. The building still has outer defense hit points.
  5. Changed some building names. Added Bunker.

    Changed the names of some buildings. Added one new building.

    Cemetary is now Mortuary with new icon. Moved to Urbanization.

    Observatory is now Particle Collider with new icon. Exclamation point above mountain should no longer show up. Moved to Nuclear Fission.

    Cinema is now Municipal Garden with new icon. Moved to Conservation. Yields changed to +1 GGP Artist, +1 GGP Musician, +1 GGP Writer, +1 GWS Writing, +1 GWS Music, +1 GWS Art.

    Warehouse is now Transport Depot with new icon....
  6. Updated for Winter Patch

    Replacement of the core art files is not necessary anymore.
  7. Updated Art Defines for new version of Specialized Industry

    Updated Art Defines for version 2.0 of Specialized Industry
  8. Now compatible with Specialized Industry

    Updated art defines for compatibility with Specialized Industry.

    Buildings are now connected to the correct advisors.
  9. Modern Buildings is now compatible with Strategic Industry and Slavery

    Updated the Art Defines to be compatible with "Strategic Industry" and "Slavery". Installation order of the Art Assets is NOT important.
  10. 1.1

    Added Great Writing slots to Cinema