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[Multi-use buttons] Lionheart's EU 3 buttons 2016-10-05

These buttons were converted from Lionheart's Europa Universalis Buttons.

These buttons are packed in atlas format, no unique buttons.

1. Great Person List :

-Statesman: Johan de Witt
-Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn
-Scientist: Galileo Galilei
-Philosopher: René Descartes
-Diplomatic Advisor: Nicollò Machiavelli
-Conquistador: Hernán Cortés
-Spymaster: Christopher Marlowe
-Religious Advisor: Pope Julius II, known as 'the warrior pope'

-Trader: Jacob Fugger, nicknamed 'the Rich'
-Army Advisor: Leonardo Da Vinci
-Naval Advisor: Vasco Da Gama
-Banker: Lorenzo de' Medici
-Statesman: Thomas More
-Artist: Michelangelo
-Scientist: Nicholas Copernicus
-Philosopher: Desiderius Erasmus

-Diplomatic Advisor: Baldassare Castiglione
-Conquistador: Francisco Pizarro
-Spymaster: Henry VII of England
-Religious Advisor: Pope Sixtus IV
-Trader: Cesare Borgia
-Army Advisor: Maximilian I
-Naval Advisor: Christopher Columbus
-Banker: Giovanni Arnolfini

-Statesman: Charles the Bold
-Artist: Raphael
-Scientist: Johannes Gutenberg
-Philosopher: Martin Luther
-Religious Advisor: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu
-Conquistador: Peter Stuyvesant
-Spymaster: Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares
-Missionary: Pope Innocent X

-Trader: An unnamed Knight of Santiago
-Army Advisor: Oliver Cromwell
-Naval Advisor: Admiral Michiel de Ruyter
-Banker: Andries Bicker

2. Ideas List :

-Humanistic Tolerance: Detail from 'Signing of the Declaration of Indepence'.
-Divine Supremacy: Detail from 'The Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte'.
-Church Attendance Duty: A nice view of Canterbury Cathedral.
-Bill of Rights: A fabricated image of the Pre-ambule to the U.S. Constitution.
-Cabinet: Detail from 'The Great Meeting of the States-General'.
-Espionage: Rembrant's son dressed as a monk.
-National Trade Policy: Detail from 'The Picture Gallery'.
-National Bank: Detail from 'Amsterdam City Hall and Dam Square'.

-Bureaucracy: Detail from 'The signing of the Peace of Munster'.
-Smithian Economics: Detail from 'The Mill at Wijk bij Duurstede'.
-Viceroys: Another detail from 'The Surrender of Breda'.
-Shrewd Commerce Practices: Detail from 'Syndics of the Cloth Guild'.
-Colonial Adventures: View of Batavia.
-Quest for the New World: Rembrandt's father dressed as a conquistador.
-Merchant Adventures: Another detail from the painting of the shipyard of Batavia.
-Glorious Arms: Detail of a painting known as 'Fighting on Horseback'.

-Battlefield Commissions: Detail of a painting showing a moment from the ten days campaign of 1831.
-Engineer Corps: Detail of the painting 'The Storming of Coevorden'.
-Military Drill: Detail from a painting known as 'Cavalry attack'.
-Grand Army: Detail from a painting of an unknown land battle.
-National Conscripts: Detail from 'The Surrender of Breda'
-Naval Glory: Detail from a battle of the Third Anglo-Dutch War.
-Naval Glory less blurred.
-Excellent Shipwrights: Detail from a painting showing the shipyard of Batavia.

-Naval Fighting Instruction: Detail from 'The Gunshot'.
-Superior Seamanship: Detail from 'The Gust of Wind'.
-Sea Hawks: Washington crosses the Delaware
-Grand Navy: Detail from a battle at Gibraltar between Dutch and Spanish ships.
-Deus Vult: Detail of a 17th century painting showing crusaders storming the walls of Jerusalem.
-Deus Vult more blurred
-Patron of the Arts: Another detail from 'The Picture Gallery'.
-Patron of the arts less blurred.

-Scientific Revolution: Detail from a picture showing Benjaming Franklin letting up his kite.
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