Population Limit 2016-10-05

Population Limit

  1. jojoweb
    This mod component can't be played, it includes modified SDK files, modified schema files (XML), 1 new sound, 1 new graphic file, and additional texts. To apply this modcomp, modders/players, MUST:

    -add a <iPopulationLimit>x</iPopulationLimit> tag for every handicap type
    -add some buildings including <iPopulationLimitChange>x</iPopulationLimitChange> tag (optionnal)
    -add <bNoPopulationLimit>x<bNoPopulationLimit> tag to a technology (optionnal)

    All the new codes/tags are findable between "Population Limit ModComp - Beginning" & "Population Limit ModComp - End".

    With this modcomp, you will be able to apply a limit of population to the cities. This limit can be increased with a building or disabled with a technology.