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Mylon Mega Mod 0.90 2016-10-05

Mylon Mega Mod 0.90

  1. Mylon
    Mylon Mega Mod 0.90
    A modpack for Civilization 4, Beyond the Sword v3.19

    Installation Instructions:
    Delete any existing Mylon Mega Mod directory before installing this mod to prevent any conflicts with old files. Extract this to "Beyond the Sword\Mods" and either launch and select in-game or edit the shortcut to point to the location of your exe file for faster launching.

    General changes:
    * Resources are more powerful. Each resource adds +5% to production, food, or commerce, depending on it's type. Buildings that enhance the effect of resources also enhance this effect.
    * Culture is more powerful. Culture extends much further and works over sea, it allows cities to work a larger radius. Culture no longer gets a bonus based on the radius. This means the plot a city is on produces as much culture as a plot far away from the city but within the culture radius. This makes controlling plots and city flipping easier. Also, cities produce culture according to their nationality makeup. Thus culture can bleed in from the borders to reach many more cities.
    * There are more ways to build up cities. Producing Research, Wealth, Culture, Production, or Agriculture provides a permanent boost in these areas in addition to the previous effects of the first three.
    * Costs have been increased as a whole. Maintenance, civics and military unit upkeep is much more expensive. Also, free military unit upkeep is no longer based on population. Wealth management is much more important rather than a passing requirement on the way to mass research. Civilizations also should still be expanding well into mid-game as their economy develops.
    * War is more difficult and costly. In addition to increased maitenance costs, healing rates have been slowed considerably. One must be more careful when attacking, as units will not heal considerably after taking a city, giving the opposing player a large window to retaliate. This also makes barbarians much more vicious.

    Release notes:
    * Playbalance needs to be done! Cities can be much larger than before and the population addition of culture could easily drown out other sources of culture (but not +culture% buildings). Likewise, research and production might be a bit too high. Also, culture from trade may be too high.
    * Since units heal much slower, barbarians are probably much more vicious now.

    Known Bugs:
    * Python values aren't being saved when the game is saved. This affects Warlords. A Warlord that dies could die a second and come back if the player saves and loads inbetween. I'll either have to find a way to get these values to save or move the python additions that use this feature to the dll.
    * The game camera isn't at the right distance when zooming to a city. It should be further out when the city radius expands to 4 and closer in for smaller ranges.
    * Currently the new corporation does not have graphics for buttons and such.
    - I've had some troubles with the bonus to yield modifiers. Keep an eye out to make sure these modifiers are only at 5% per industrial resource, 5% per food resource, and 5% per commerce resource.
    * The breakdown for Commerce isn't listed anywhere, as far as I can tell. The commerce income breakdown should be displayed somewhere, and show the bonus from resources.
    * Food needs a widget. I put a temporary solution in the main interface, but I can't seem to call the food modifier here to do it properly, so I reversed it with a bit of math. It might display +27% instead of +30% due to rounding, as an example.
    - The culture mouse-over in the city display screen needs a little tweaking. Particularly in the area of trade. Foreign trade can provide your own culture (like importing Chinese-made American iconic goods), and I also tried to add the strongest influence from foreign trade. If the result of this widget doesn't agree with the number displayed in the nationality bar, go by the number in the nationality bar, as that's actually the one used.

    New Buildings:
    * Town Hall: -20% maintenance, +1 espionage. Available with writing.

    New Resources:
    * Coffee: +1 commerce. +3 commerce with Plantation.

    New Corporations:
    * Hellbucks: +2 production, +2 culture, per coffee resource. Spreads at twice the rate but requires half the maintenance.


    * Updated to BTS 3.17. Enjoy!

    * Great people work differently. Now, every time a great person is created, everyone's GPP threshold goes up by 10. On the other hand, every turn, it goes down by 1%. To compensate, GPP cost has been doubled. I'm considering the possibility of making great person specialists generate 1 GPP. This should make it possibile to generate GPP from more than one city.
    * Fixed great generals. Previously, they would only get one respawn, and would come back with the promotions and experience of before, but at level 1, allowing to double their number of promotions!

    * Updated to Enhanced Size Cities 1.12, fixing a few crash issues and buldings not displaying +commerce values when picking which one to build.

    * Updated mod to BtS 3.13
    * Synced the mod with the Expanded Cities modcomponent to correct some problems with automated workers and feature health

    * Holy Cities now can produce missionaries, regardless of civics. They have slightly different names.
    * Holy City shrines now provide +1 espionage per city with the religion.
    * Corporate HQ buildings now provide +1 espionage per city with the corporation.
    * Fix: Hellbucks now has an executive to spread the corporation.
    * Fix: National Parks should now provide the correct number of specialists for the current city radius.
    * Fix: There was a crash bug related to capturing barbarian cities. I thought changing a line of code would make it possible to flip capitals, but it turns out that was unrelated.

    * Tiles no longer get a boost to culture based on how far "inwards" they are. Previously, a foreign city would have to produce 20 more culture than another city to even start to overtake a tile one square into the border. 40 more culture to take 2 squares in, etc. With larger cultural borders and further ranges involved, this would make cultural conquest nearly impossible.
    * Additional cultural levels added. A city will be able to influence another city of the same workable radius before expanding, at least.
    * The check to see if a city can flip should now no longer check to see if the city is within cultural boundaries. That is, one can now flip a city they are no where near, if their culture is strong enough.
    * City Radius is controlled by Culture Level info.
    * Added in the XML values for bonuses so they can add yield modifiers directly. Likewise added the +5% boost to all bonuses.
    * All bonus enhancing buildings now provide a +5% boost to their appropriate yield type (health and food, strategic and production, and happiness and commerce). The exception to this is cathedrals and the incense.
    * Culture Percentage has the benefit that it produces pure culture. Likewise when a city is using it's production for culture.
    * Added a bunch of GlobalDefines from my old mod. Increased minimum city range to 3.
    * Units should be cheaper to upgrade. The base cost to perform an upgrade is slightly higher, but the incremental cost based on production is cheaper.
    * Added in a value in the XML to modify maintenance costs globally. Set to 2x normal costs. This should see empires still expanding even in the later game.
    * Population now provides 0.5 free base culture per turn, modified as normal for nationality.
    * Due to culture inflation, the creative trait provides 4 culture per turn now. It has the added benefit of not being modified based on nationality.
    * When producing commerce directly, the appropriate modifier for that commerce is used rather than converting hammers to commerce with no modifier. In this way, producing wealth yields more wealth if a forge, factory, or other +production buildings are present.
    * Producing commerce directly now only yields half of the base benefit. However, in addition to the base benefit, the city is given a permanent % boost to that commerce type. The formula for this is ((hammers invested/2)^0.7), except for production which is (hammers invested^0.55). Also, production and espionage are valid process types.
    * Added in the Town Hall building from my old mod. This building provides a 20% maintenance reduction modifier and +1 espionage. It is available with writing.
    * Tweaked game speed values. Everything should be 25% more expensive now to offset the increased income and production. Great people produce more hammers/beakers/culture/wealth when consumed. Also, units train slightly faster in epic speed to match how unit training works in Marathon speed.
    * Warlord units are now immortal, mostly. If a warlord unit dies, it respawns in its owner's capital with 10% health. If it dies again before it's owner's next turn, it dies for good. Getting sent back to the capital (and having to heal) is considered enough penalty for now.
    * Healing rates have been changed. Units heal 0 in enemy territory, 1 in neutral, 2 in friendly, 3 in cities. Medic adds +2 and hospitals add +3. Wars should be much different now, as when advance one must not only have enough units to take and hold a city, but also to fend off any retaliation attack, as units will not heal considerably by the time that retaliation force arrives.
    * Cities spread culture through trade. A city gains the culture (and all of it's nationality makeup) of the current income from a trade route / 40, maxing out at 100%. This allows a civilization to spread it's culture far and wide and overseas.
    * Coffee is now a resource.
    * The corporation Hellbucks has been added. It consumes coffee and produces production. It has half the normal maintenance costs but double the spread factor. It also adds 2 production per coffee resource.
    * Siege weapons got a nerf. Missile cruisers no longer cause collateral damage, as this would practically guarantee the attacker wins and thus it boils down to who shoots who first. Other siege weapons cause damage to a max of 3 units. Since military is more expensive (and heals much slower), this should counter using a too-small number of siege units to bombard and get a victory.

    * snipperrabbit!! for his help producing the artwork for the new corporation.
    * Thanks to Strand and Rogerbacon for their work on the 3 radius cities mod.
    * rjwoer/Byrjw for his resource mod
    * ChaosLord for the holy city missionaries idea