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New Balance v4.2 (for BtS v3.17) 2016-10-05

New Balance v4.2 (for BtS v3.17)

  1. Dearmad
    v4.3 for BEYOND the SWORD
    Jun 10
    For BtS v3.19

    A mod to slow technology down a bit so that each "age" is more lively and feels a little longer. You get to enjoy the units longer and the flavor of each age. The most radical, and fun change, is that Jungles will remain until the industrial age and biology are discovered... which is closer to historic and makes for an interesting mid game.

    ALSO: Economy is slower so money vs. guns is a tougher choice in the game.

    Includes SEVOPEDIA, Bug Fix v1.5 (which incorporates further bug fixes), and ETHNIC CITY GRAPHICS.

    There are numerous little changes, check out the readme.

    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=288152