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Nuke Happy Warmongers 1.76

All Leaders Are Nuke Happy Warmongers

  1. Dududu
    Version: 1.62
    The only downside to this ( idk if its only for me) sometimes AI just becomes friendly with everyone and spams alliances and doesnt engage in war. Sometimes AI never gives up and just goes for all out war for centuries( which i really enjoy ). Idk if its possible to disable alliances but that seems like the upgrade this needs. Keep up the good work
    1. Das Capitolin
      Author's Response
      My friends and I have played around twenty games with Nuke Happy Warmongers, and we've seen a wide range of behaviors. For the most part, nearly everybody will attack you in the early eras (Ancient, Classical, Medieval). In the later eras (Modern and later), they're much happier to remain at peace. The reason for this is built into the game's logic, and very difficult to work around. I lack the programming expertise to write a script that might overcome it. That being said, I typically avoid alliances altogether, because it prevents war with a potential target, but also opens up my borders. Ultimately, if they've got a city I want, then war isn't far off.