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Nuke Happy Warmongers 1.76

All Leaders Are Nuke Happy Warmongers

  1. 1.76

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.76: Added leader Hammurabi into mod. Adjusted load order.
  2. Nuke Happy Warmongers 1.75

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.75: Added leaders Ambiorix and Basil into mod.
  3. 1.74

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.74: Set mod to not affect saved games on any game started after this release.
  4. 1.73

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.73: Includes new leaders Simon Bolivar, Lady Six Sky, and Menelik.
  5. 1.72

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.72: Resolve database errors and remove extraneous lines of code.
  6. 1.71

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.71: Improve AI gold stability per turn. Increase AI unit reserve.
  7. Version 1.7

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.7: Reworks diplomacy values to encourage conflict. Assigns three 'random' agendas, which will always include Nuke Lover. Balanced conflict in early and late game.
  8. 1.62

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.62: Revise values to match INTEGER or REAL parameters, and improve AI gold stability.
  9. 1.6

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.6: Massive update to leader agendas, penalties, combat logic, and settlement priority. Leaders will adopt agendas that only promote conflict, which makes them less peaceful. Warmonger penalties have been adjusted to promote retaliatory wars, and reduced penalties for traditional wars. Denouncements and broken promises carry a more severe diplomatic penalty. War weariness has been reduced for all traditional combat actions, but increased for using nuclear devices to prevent nuke...
  10. 1.5

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.5: Revised diplomacy and yield values for AI percentages to improve aggression and increase likelihood of successful combat.