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Orbonne Monastary 2016-10-05

Orbonne Monastary

Refuge of Ovelia

Princess Ovelia took refuge at Orbonne Monastery during the events leading up to the Lion War. Her bodyguard Agrias Oaks, fearing for her safety, hired Gaff Gafgarion and his mercenary troop to protect Ovelia. One of Gafgarion's soldiers was Ramza Beoulve, whose sister Alma had also spent time at the monastery. The monastery came under attack by Hokuten, disguised as Nanten, and Ramza, Agrias, and Gafgarion rushed outside to deal with the attackers. During the fight, Delita Hyral, a real Nanten, slipped in a back door and abducted the Princess. Agrias heard Ovelia's screams and rushed back inside to help her, but it was too late: Delita escaped on his chocobo, but not before Ramza sighted him and recognized him. Ramza and Agrias then set off after Delita in order to rescue Ovelia.

The Battle for the Virgo Stone

Following the declaration of Ramza as a "heretic" by the church, Ramza attempted to recover the Virgo Zodiac Stone from the monastery, where Alma believed it to be located. However, a Temple Knight named Izlude Tingel arrived first, also seeking the stone. When the monastery's librarian, Simon, refused to help Izlude he was mortally wounded. Izlude then proceeded into the Underground Book Storage to search for the stone. Ramza and Alma then arrived to find Simon dying. Ramza left all of the Holy Stones he had collected up to that point with Alma, and rushed downstairs to confront Izlude.

Izlude discovered the Virgo Stone, but was confronted by Ramza. After being defeated in battle, Izlude teleported back up to the exit, where Wiegraf Folles had ambushed Alma, capturing her. As Ramza ran back up the stairs, Wiegraf had Izlude take Alma away, while Wiegraf fought Ramza. Ramza prevailed but was unable to prevent Izlude from making off with his sister. As Wiegraf lay dying, the Aries Stone, which Wiegraf had been given by the other Temple Knights, reacted. A voice offered Wiegraf great power, which he accepted, becoming one with the Lucavi demon Velius. Ramza drew his sword, prepared to fight, but Velius was not looking to fight Ramza just yet, and merely teleported away.

Link to Murond

As the Lucavi plot unfolded, it came to the attention of Vormav Tingel who was also the Lucavi demon Hashmalum that Orbonne Monastery was the site of the portal to Murond Death City. He took the captured Alma there in an attempt to cross over into Murond and resurrect his master Altima. Vormav was joined by two others in the service of the Lucavi: Rofel and Kletian. The trio descended to the lowest floor of the Underground Book Storage, where the portal was. Rofel read an incantation to allow Vormav and Kletian to pass through, but Ramza arrived moments later. Rofel and Ramza fought and Ramza emerged victorious, but as Rofel lay dying, he once again recited the incantation, and drew both himself and Ramza into the portal.

On the other side, Rofel sealed the portal before succumbing. Ramza then defeated Kletian and fought his way to the Graveyard of Airships where Vormav was attempting the ritual to resurrect Altima by using Alma as a host body. Vormav again transformed into Hashmalum, but Ramza again prevailed, though the demon was able to complete to resurrection by offering himself as a sacrifice. Ramza then fought and triumphed over Altima.
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