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Ork in Mega Armour 2016-10-05

The heaviest armour an Ork can wear. I'm getting closer and closer to making proper biological units. I think my next will have a bit more general movement, as this one is a bit static. I'm not so sure about the sighting laser, it's unfortunetely been anti-aliased so it's caught by the shadow palette. I've tried to make it quite visable, but I wasn't really sure. I'm also not too happy with the death, and I might come back to it and redo it.

As for the warboss unit which came alongside this one - I'm putting it on hold till more of the core units have been done.

Without further ado, here are the files (NO SOUNDS - I might sort them out later, but I hate doing sounds). By the time the 40K mod comes out I'll make sure they have sounds
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