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PhotoKinetik 1.4

This is a ReShade Preset for Civ VI, to be used with ReShade 2.0.3. All files are included in .zip.

  1. PhotoKinetik

    Download link for ReShade has been updated. I don't know if Crosire is having these downloads pulled so people will move to ReShade 3.x, but I don't have the time or energy to check daily to make sure links work. Apologies for those that have encountered bad links.
  2. Updated DL Links

    Fixed links, again.
  3. Civ VI PhotoKinetik

    PhotoKinetik Civ VI 1.4 for ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 2.0.7z

    First of all, thanks for the support! This preset has been featured at PC Gamer, RockPaperShotgun, PCGamesN, and Gamer Zakh's YouTube Channel. Big thanks to all of you for supporting it, and big thanks to everyone over at ReShade who has spent thousands of man hours developing the various iterations of ReShade, as well as the various people who have written...