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Polish Empire Mod for BTS - Expanded Edition 1.2 2016-10-05

Polish Empire Mod for BTS - Expanded Edition 1.2

  1. asioasioasio
    Could you make me big favour? Please support idea of adding Poland to Civilization V
    We, fans of the game, would like to see a change we can believe in! We dream of playing as a Poles, if not in an original release, then maybe in one of expansion sets that for sure are being planned. Please join our cause on FaceBook and back up our efforts by undersigning our petition on official 2K Games Forum. It might be just one small click for a man, one giant leap for civilized mankind. Many thanks for your support.

    If you want thank you for my hard work on the mod please just click:

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Polan...ivilization-V/10150105328225319?v=wall&ref=nf become fan on facebook and write couple of words on 2K thread :). Thank you

    Asioasioasio & Kodzi Team presents:



    VERSION 1.2


    Here's thread:

    Check also this modules:

    The mod adds Poland as a playable civilization to the Beyond the Sword Expansion. In
    comparison with other standard mods adding new civilizations, this mod focus also on
    couple other things:
    – adds new graphic style for many units – from axeman to jetfighter,
    – adds voices for units and music themes based on Bogurodzica and F. Chopin - Etiuda
    – uses animated 3D leaderheads for Casimir and John III Sobieski,
    – further development – we plan to add world wonders and more units with unique
    graphic style in the future. Modularity is very good solution for users – you can
    choose for example wich wonders you would like to use and wich not.
    – It works very well both with translation to Polish made by fans available on
    http://civ.org.pl and official one made by Cenega.

    Instalation Notes:

    The mod works only on Beyond The Sword Expantion (any version of patch) – and uses
    modularity (sometimes called also Plug & Play option). Shortly it allows to merge
    different mods easly – without or less XML edition.

    To install this modular mod you need to follow this steps:

    1. Install the mod to your Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond
    the Sword\Mods
    Directory. From patch 3.13 the game should run without

    2. If you have older version of BTS (3.00 – 3.03) you need to open
    CivilizationIV.ini file to tell it to start looking for these Modules. (Note: This
    only needs to be done once).
    To locate your CivilizationIV.ini file, Locate your My Documents folder (Note:
    This is a regular windows folder not a Civilization Folder) . Inside this folder
    should be another folder called My Games and inside this folder will be the
    Beyond The Sword folder.
    Double click on the File CivilizationIV.ini. Search for line:
    Modular XML Loading
    Now right below this line should be a line that appears like this:
    ModularLoading = 0
    Or like this:
    ModularLoading = 1
    If yours has a 0 in the line: Modular loading is not on and mod will not work -
    change the 0 to a 1 so that it looks like the second example. Upon completing
    that task save the file and close it. As mentioned before you don't need to do
    this if you have 3.13 or newer version of BTS.

    3. The problem with modularity might be when the new module adds new sounds
    or for example new diplomacy texts. If you don't merge modules you don't need
    to worry about it. Those files aren't supported by modularity, so you need to
    merge (edit with any notepad-like tool or tool called WinMerge wich will show
    you differencies) files:
    Mods\Polish Empire\Assets\XML\Audio\Audio2DScripts.xml
    Mods\Polish Empire\Assets\XML\Audio\Audio3DScripts.xml
    Mods\Polish Empire\Assets\XML\Audio\AudioDefines.xml
    Mods\Polish Empire\Assets\XML\GameInfo\CIV4DiplomacyInfos.xml
    with files from new module
    Optionally visit Plug and Play forum for further information and merged XML
    Sound files http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=255

    History Changes:

    v 1.0
    – Playable version for BTS Expansion.

    v 1.1
    – Fixes problem with sounds.

    v 1.2
    – Updated to 3.13 patch for BTS.
    – Change of Main Menu.
    – Cost of Heasy Hussar increassed from 105 to 110 .
    – Cost of Sejmik increased from 100 to 120 .
    – Change in installation process - no need to change 0 to 1 in Civilization IV.ini with
    patch 3.13.
    – New two modules for mod available to download on civ.org.pl and civfanatics.com –
    adding second unique unit - Uhlan and changing look of some flavour units to more
    – Added new flavour units – Cavalry, Cannon, Rifleman and Grenadier

    Available and under development Modules for Mod:

    Available and under development Modules for Mod:
    The Modules that can be easly plugged and played or removed.
    – Main Menu (Included in Mod).
    The Modules that need less or more work XML files edition before turning it off:
    – Flavour Units for Poland (Included in Mod).
    – Unique Unit: Heavy Hussar (Included in Mod).
    – Unique Building: Sejmik (Included in Mod).
    – Leader: Casimir (Included in Mod).
    – Leader: Sobieski (Included in Mod).
    – Second Unique Unit - Uhlan (available as
    seperate download on civ.org.pl or
    civfanatics.com) replacing Cavalry (Cost: 120;
    Strenght: 15; Moves: 2; +50% Attack against
    Cannon Units; +25% Attack against Mounted
    units; +25% against Armor Units; Can
    withdraw from combat (30% chance); First
    Strike Ability (+1); Requires: Military
    Tradition, Rifling, Horseback Riding, Bonus Horse). Model creator: kodzi.
    – Additional Flavour Units – Axeman Archer, Speraman and Swordsman with different
    look (more ancient). Units' creator: danrell.
    Modules currently under development:
    – Flavour Units for Poland (More Units – especially in Modern Era).
    – World Wonder: Wieliczka.
    – World Wonder: Jasna Gora.
    – World Wonder: Jagiellonian University.


    Team leaders: asioasioasio, kodzi,
    XML work: asioasioasio, kodzi, Luke 'Snafu' Smith, Martinus
    3D Graphics: danrell, Luke 'Snafu' Smith, kodzi, asioasioasio, Zerver, bernie14
    2D Graphics: newMDKiller, asioasioasio, kodzi, romanek, Jecrell
    Music: kodzi
    Sounds: Radio Fabryka http://www.radiotczew.pl/ (particularly for Patryk), jobabr,
    Texts: Berenika Stefańska, jobabr, asioasioasio, Faust, Wikipedia
    Installation Program: Inno Setup Compiler, Faust
    Team wants to thank all the people who helped with their ideas and supported with
    work and helped to popularize this mod.