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Quo's Combined Tweaks v7.0.19 BETA

Combines various tweaks from the "Quo's" series into one package.

  1. Quo's Combined Tweaks v7.0.10

    This is mostly another bug fix release to try to fix/balance things affected by Gathering Storm.

    Policy Changes
    - Removed changes to production Policies that made them retroactive since these were fixed by Firaxis in Gathering Storm

    Civ Changes
    - Removed the Sangha Monk (Khmer unique unit) from the game
    - Khmer Prasat (unique building) no longer provides Medieval bedrock in a city (this takes a bit too much away from the Western Europe sphere)
    - Mongolia no longer causes enemy cities to lose Loyalty per turn (moved to Mapuche)
    - Mapuche no longer have +1 Vision
    - Mapuche now cause enemies at war to lose 4 loyalty per turn in all cities
    - Egyptian Sphinxes no longer provide +1 faith +1 culture to adjacent desert tiles (changed because Firaxis buffed this improvement)
    - Jadwiga/Poland is now correctly a Eastern Europe sphere civ and not a Scandinavian civ on both the character select and in-game screens

    - Fixed broken text field for Lady of reeds and marshes pantheon belief
    - God of Forge belief now provides +1 culture on tiles adjacent to volcanoes

    - Western Europe has been restored to its previous state from v7.0.4
    - Loyalty penalty for Hellenic civs changed to -25% (up from10)

    General Bug Fixes
    - Hopefully fixed bug introduced in Gathering Storm where conquering a city that previously had Bedrock destroyed the Bedrock building and it couldn't be repaired
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