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Quo's Combined Tweaks v7.0.19 BETA

Combines various tweaks from the "Quo's" series into one package.

  1. Quo's Combined Tweaks v7.0.11 ALPHA

    More bug/balance fixes.

    • Removed bonus food to farms from aqueducts. They still provide points towards Great Engineers
    • -Removed volcano adjacency bonus for God of the Forge belief as this will require a big time investment I am not willing to make right now in order to fix
    • The Enable Free Placement of Wonders MyOption no longer applies to wonders that require a Harbor adjacency in order to prevent gamebreaking issues with boats/naval units
    • Fixed a bug with the Maori friendship gift that caused it not to function
    • The New World sphere now uses a more efficient mechanic introduced in Gathering Storm to power its culture bombs. Should hopefully operate the same as before. Altho I had discussed adding Farms as a culture bomb trigger for this sphere I have not done so yet. Waiting to see how this pans out first.
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