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Resource Expansion Packs: On Map Generator 2016-10-05

Resource Expansion Packs: On Map Generator

  1. Skaz881
    This is Cryptlc and Glacierheart's Resource Expansion Pack random map generator. I got permission from Glacierheart to upload it here as long as I gave credit where it was due (which is why I also listed Horem and myself in the author spot since we both made files that are in here). I will update this as more applicable art becomes available. Note: if you do not have BNW and/or Conquest of the New World Deluxe, this mod will likely not work as it uses Cocoa which was added to BNW's files by Conquest of the New World Deluxe. If something doesn't show up right, please let me know and I will try to fix it or pass it along to Cryptlc and Glacierheart. This mod adds in over 70 new resources complete with pedia entries and all necessary values. There is an issue with the sea resources not showing up on many map types, but they will show up on Earth maps at least. If you don't want a specific resource, just delete it from the Add_Rep in the Lua file. Just.........don't delete anything from the Database, it will cause the mod to stop working.

    cryptlc-Mod Author
    Glacierheart-Mod Author
    Horem-Resource Art
    Skaz881-Resource Art
    Barathor-Peanut/Pomegranate/Tea Art

    Updates will be listed on the forum post Resource Expansion Packs.

    WARNING!!!! If you are also using Barathor's More Luxuries mod, this mod MUST load after his. You will also have to replace his art files for Coffee with the files from this mod and make his modinfo reflect this, and delete EVERY instance of Cocoa, Coffee, Tea and Tobacco.