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Resource Reskins 2016-10-05

Resource Reskins

  1. Skaz881
    Some repurposed and/or reskined resources. Currently have 12. All of them can be found here http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=524732, I'm trying to put them all together.

    Horem-Original creator of Orange, Cinnamon and Grape graphics
    Barathor-Original creator of Pomegranate graphics


    1. cinnamon_6jI.jpg
    2. frankincense_xo1.jpg
    3. ginger_t9k.jpg
    4. grapes_MyP.jpg
    5. myrrh_90n.jpg
    6. orange_rNo.jpg
    7. peach_rg6.jpg
    8. saffron_f79.jpg
    9. pomegranates_4r0.jpg
    10. raspberries_o13.jpg
    11. diamond_U1a.jpg
    12. cranberries_p91.jpg