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[RFE] Gameplay Enhanced and (Slightly) Improved AI 2016-10-05

[RFE] Gameplay Enhanced and (Slightly) Improved AI

  1. Genghis.Khan
    [RFE] Gameplay Balance Enhanced is a [GandK] Mod Component part of the UnOfficial Expansion: Rise and Fall of Empires

    No Copyrights Registered. This Customization of [GandK] is legally owned by 2KGames, in the rights of EULA. Authorization is given to use this mod for non-comercial purposes and following the rules of The Modiquette

    ModMod [GandK] Author: Genghis.Khan;
    RFE Project [GandK] Authors: Genghis.Khan [Lead Designer; Programmer XML; SQL; C++]; mrc2022 [Designer; Programmer XML] crawf0rd [Designer; Programmer XML; SQL]
    Special Thanks: Derek "Kael" Paxton for the [civ5] Modding Tutorial; Gedemon

    Version Changelist:

    Spoiler :
    --Version 1.3 19-01-2013 12:59
    Public Alpha Release
    -- Version 1.4 19-01-2013 13:29
    Added the (Slightly) Improved AI Mod
    -- Version 19-01-2013 13:37
    Name Changed
    -- Version 03-02-2013 15:08
    Updated Again to Solve Potential Bug in Downloading
    Website Link Changed

    GamePlay Changes

    Spoiler :
    Spoiler :
    Cities have less defensive strength and gain slightly less new strength with new
    Cities now only loss 10 per cent of the population when captured
    Captured Cities now only lose 30 per cent of their styrength
    Cities now heal more slowly

    Happiness Mechanincs
    Spoiler :
    Reduced growth penalty when unhappy.
    Reduced production penalty when very unhappy

    Spoiler :
    Updgrading units is now fifty per cent cheaper

    Spoiler :
    Units are fifty per cent cheaper
    Settler has now 3 moves
    Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Missile Rnage increased (2)

    Research Agreements
    Spoiler :
    Research Agreements have now effect in 15 turns

    Spoiler :
    Puppets now generate more culture and science

    Spoiler :
    First Policy cost reduced to 20. Therefore every policy is now slightly cheaper

    Starting Locations
    Spoiler :
    Players will now only start in locations with six or more land tiles
    Starting locations will now include more production tiles

    Spoiler :
    Strategic Resources are now likely to spread in quantityy of 6


    AI Changes

    Spoiler :
    AI is less likely to hate warmongers
    AI is more likely to rushbuy units and buildings
    AI now is more likely to defend their land with more units
    AI should now have more units in their capital city
    AI now has less chance to form permanent wars
    AI now values much more the policies you chose (Autocracy, Freedom and Order)
    AI now values less gold per turn
    AI is now more likely to build cities on resource tiles
    AI now values hills more
    AI is now more likely to accept Peace Deals
    AI is now much more likely to accept Cooperation in War

    Spoiler :
    Specialists have extra yield

    City States
    Spoiler :
    Enchanced Influence Gained by Trade Missions (50)

    Spoiler :
    Instant Heal now grants you more health

    Spoiler :
    Increased Max XP Gained from Barbarians (30)

    Spoiler :
    Faster Culture Growth
    New Cities now increase less cost of acquiring future policies

    Diplomatic VC
    Spoiler :
    Owning the UN grants you now 2 extra votes

    Spoiler :
    Great Prophets spam since you acquire 150 faith and have greater chance of spamming once you get 150 faith
    Pantheons now only increase costs by 3 faith

    Score Calculation
    Spoiler :
    Technologies Score Value Increased (6)

    Instructions for a non-3UPT Version:

    Spoiler :

    1. Open GameDefines.sql located in default C:\Users\{Username}\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\RFE\RFE ModMod\GameDefines.sql using Notepad
    2. Change the the following code
    [COLOR="Red"]UPDATE Defines SET Value = 3 WHERE Name =  'PLOT_UNIT_LIMIT';[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="SeaGreen"]--UPDATE Defines SET Value = 3 WHERE Name =  'PLOT_UNIT_LIMIT';[/COLOR]
    3. Save Changes

    Download Instructions
    Spoiler :
    1. Download the .civ5mod file from the CivFanatics Database
    2. Extract the file using 7ZIP or another program
    3. Place the Mod under C:\Users\{Username}\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
    4. Open Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods and Kings
    5. Click on Mods section
    6. Activate the Mod
    7. Play the Game

    For more information on the RFE Project visit it's Official Website (BETA) or our CivFanatics Forums Thread


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