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Rule with Faith

Rule with Faith

  1. Updated to v11, for Rise and Fall

    --Update for Rise and Fall.
    --Moved Liberalism to Mercantilism.
    --Updated Khmer titles.
    --Fixed TXT KEY issue with Cleopatra's titles.
    --Added a sound effect for promoting a Governor and founding a Government (user settings).
    --Fixed issue where Census was a Wildcard policy.
    --Moved Limitanei to Military Tradition.
    --Renamed the Cardinal to the Patriarch (user setting).
    --Fixed lag issues when changing Policies.
    --Added flavour popup and sound effect for when you adopt a new Government for...
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  2. Update to v10

    • Updated for the last two patches. Thanks to Jan for the new Great Theologian portrait. * Nerfed Thomas Aquineas to have only 1 Charge.
    • Added Polis and Horde as first-tier Governments, on par with Chiefdom.
    • Tenskwatawa now yields Great General Points from kills, and fixed issue with his Faith from kills not working.
    • Te Kooti replaced with Te Mihaia Hou.
    • Added Civilization_Titles for a backup where Leader_Titles is not supported or not needed (when the default leader...
  3. Update to v9

    • Added additional Great Prophets to cover the Post-Renaissance game.
    • Added Great Theologians - a partner to the Great Prophet that uses their point system but cannot found a Religion (technically, founding a religion and GP abilities are mutually exclusive, hence the unique GP). Great Theologians, like other non-Cultural/Prophet GP can be expended for a special effect. Military Orders policy changes to reflect this, and Contemplation added as an upgrade to the Revelations policy...
  4. Update to v8

    • Ported to SDK.
    • Art updated thanks to Jan for crispiness and accuracy.
    • Fixed TXT_KEY issues with Gilgamesh and Classical Democracy, and Barbarossa and Merchant Republic.
    • Added support for Australia.
    • Added Cultural policy slot. Redistributed slots for Governments, and changed various Policies. Added 20 new policies (Census, Cultural Exchange, Court Eunuchs, Heroic Epics, Hydraulic Despotism, Isolationism, Jousting Tournaments, Law Steles, Labour Camps, Merchant Leagues,...
  5. Updated to v7

  6. Updated to v6

    • Buffed Pacifism faith mod to 15%.
    • Updated for latest Civ VI patch.
    • Altered and added various titles thanks to Janboruta and Sukritact.
    • Fixed an issue causing Shamanism to not work.
    • Empire policy now also grants a free Builder whenever you found a city on another continent.
    • Added 1 Religious slot for Feudal Monarchy and removed 1 Military slot.
    • Switched Noble Republic's and Constitutional Monarchy's legacy bonuses around.
    • Fixed incompatibility with Sukritact's...
  7. Updated to v5

    • Fixed an issue with Female variants on titles not working.
    • Fixed a typo in Shiekh.
    • Fixed missing Chiefdom title for Peter.
    • Fixed issues with Chinese titles. Maybe I need to rename Qin Shi Haung tho - this isn't actually fully possible yet though :p
    • Fixed Tech Tree lua issues caused by not using Sukritact's Improved Tech Tree.
    • Fixed incompatibility for users without the Montezuma DLC (I hope - let me know).
  8. Updated to v4

    This update is not needed if you're not using this mod.
  9. Updated to v3

    • Holy War Cassus Belli now unlocks at Reformed Church (turn off in user settings).
    • Changed the number of policy slots that each government has. Classical Era Govts now have 4 slots, Medieval Era Govts now have 6 slots, Renaissance have 7, and Modern have 8.
    • Democracy is now called Classical Democracy by default. I changed this because I was actually thrown off when, playing a game, I saw that another Leader had a Democracy, forgetting the change :p
    • Added Government-,...