Scrambled Antarctica [RF+GS+NFP]

Scrambled Antarctica [RF+GS+NFP] 10.1

An internally randomized map script of Antarctica. A harsh snow and tundra biome. Although a Standard sized map, play on Small setting. (You may also want to reduce the number of city states).

It is not a World Builder map but a randomized map script developed from a Satellite image.

Supports RF, GS (climate system), NFP as well as Standard Rules.
Play on consoles and other devices that don't support mods using 2K cloud save. Save your game from PC/Mac/Linux to 2K cloud and play on console.

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Latest updates

  1. Config Update

    Convenience so the map mod doesn't have to be disabled when playing other maps. No changes to map.
  2. Terrascaping 2.0

    Terrascape refreshed for better balance and aesthetics: 1. Use radial variance fractal for ice...
  3. Bugfix

    Minor bugfix to ice shelf generation in GS. Little to no impact. No impact on land generation.
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