SCENARIO/MAP: Colonization of the New World DELUXE

SCENARIO/MAP: Colonization of the New World DELUXE 21.1

The "Deluxe" version of Colonization of The New World scenario, for Gathering Storm, inspired by the Conquests of The New World Deluxe scenario in Civ V. The scenario emphasises exploration and expansion over conquest; preservation and protection over plunder and profit.

The map is an internally randomised map script of The New World. It is based on the Azimuthal equidistant projection of Earth (i.e. the map on the UN flag).


  • England (Victoria Age of Steam, Victoria Age of Empire, Elizabeth, Eleanor).
  • France (Catherine Black Queen, Catherine Magnificence, Eleanor).
  • Spain
  • America (Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Bull Moose, Teddy Rough Rider).
  • The Aztecs
  • Brazil
  • The Maya
  • Gran Colombia
  • The Inca
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Scotland (optional)
  • The Cree (optional)
  • The Mapuche (optional)
  • The Dutch (optional)

Scenario Conditions​

175 turns.
Medieval Era start.
Standard game speed.

No Domination, Science, Religious or Culture win. Instead there is a scenario specific victory:

Eco victory: Build 20 Sanctuaries.

Score victory:
  • 100 victory points (VP) for each national park you make.
  • 50 VP for building a Preserve district.
  • 10 VP for every tile of natural environment (unimproved rain forest, forest and marsh) in your empire.
  • NEGATIVE VP for CO2 Emissions.
Time defeat.


Scenario Rules​

4 Religions max.
Naturalists can build 2 national parks.
Extra policy: National Monuments at Conservationism which gives +2 Appeal to tiles for cities with a National Park (stacks with Teddy's trait).
La Venta's Colossal Head can be built on rain forest and provides +1 appeal.
Mekewap & Chemamull can be built on forest.
Rough Rider can build parks (like Canada's Mountie) but require horse.
Conquistadors can settle cities.
Mounties are cheaper but require horse.
Feitoria grant 500 gold.
Maya's bonus extends 9 tiles from capital instead of 6.
Chateau provide defence.
Polders can be made on floodplains and marsh with Military Engineering providing +2 appeal. With Guilds they can be built on coastal tiles as usual. (Inspired by SentryGC's Invincible Polder mod).
No Emergencies (or Scored Competitions).
Conservation inspiration swapped with Combustion eureka.
Survey policy bonus doubled. Better Goody Hut rewards.

(If you rather just play The New World map, without the scenario, it is included in the UN Earth Maps).
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    Added TSLs for Rulers of England: Victoria (alt) and Elizabeth as playable leaders.
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