Scrambled North America [RF+GS+NFP]

Scrambled North America [RF+GS+NFP] 10

An internally randomised map of N. America including The Great Lakes. (Greenland excluded). ~50% continental forest cover. Large map size.

It is not a World Builder map but a map script developed from a Satellite image.

Supports RF, GS (climate system), NFP as well as Standard Rules.
Play on consoles and other devices that don't support mods using 2K cloud save. Start your game on PC/Mac/Linux, save to cloud and load on console.
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Latest updates

  1. Use variation fractal for mid-west desert boundaries, ice shelf, etc.

    1. Refactor: using MapUtilities logic instead of RND for terrascaping. Purely aesthetic. Little...
  2. Minor Adjustment

    Made world age consistent between rulesets/maps.
  3. Minor Bugfix

    Minor bugfix to ice shelf generation in GS. Minimal impact. No impact to land map.
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