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Sheaim Armageddon 2016-10-05

Sheaim Armageddon

  1. Sureshot
    Sheaim Armageddon Scenario V1.0

    The Sheaim, Balseraphs, Calabim, and Clan of Embers all vie for control of the center of the continent. Rumours of the rising power of the Infernal to the west has each wanting to be the dominant force when Hyborem's armies arrive to begin the war on the Bannor and their allies.
    Be the one to dominate your 'allies' by building the Tower of Mastery so none can doubt who stands as Hyborems right hand.

    Ingame Image:
    Spoiler :

    The only victory condition if Tower of Mastery.
    The only religions are Ashen Veil and Octopus Overlords.
    This scenario is more free form than the others, its advanced start with a far amount of points, peace and war are allowed, and theres many ways to achieve the victory condition, and with any of the civs. The easiest way is likely to dominate and vassalize your opponenets for their manas. There's also a far amount of mana around the map.
    Note that the map shown in the image is how it looked for my setup for sheaim on noble on turn 1, its likely to look different depending on settings and how you spend your points.
    Timewise, this scenario takes place after the Amurite Armageddon scenario, but before the Bannor Armageddon scenario.
    Locationwise, this scenario is east of the Amurite scenario, and north of the Bannor Scenario.