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Socra's Depth Expansion (Quo's Combined Tweaks) 2.0

Adds Abilities

  1. Big Update + Bug Fixes

    Many bug fixes. Running smoothly. ^.^
  2. ><

    Fixed a misplaced comma that was preventing abilities from proc'ing ><.

    Retooled Netherlands and Papal custom abilities.

    Added new abilities for Mapuche and Indonesia.
  3. Quick text update

    Text update
  4. Emergency Update #2

    Fixed some major bugs, which I thought were resolved in the last patch. ><

    Added new abilities for JFD Papal States and R&F Netherlands.
  5. Emergency Update

    Found a strange problem causing all the abilities to fail last patch. Everything is working properly now. Also, base Quo's Mod updated to current version (6.0.9)

    Civitas Seleucid not required anymore.

    Added abilities for JFD Denmark.
  6. Update 1.2

    A whole slew of trait updates/additions. I did this months ago, wasn't sure if anyone would care anyway, so I haven't updated.

    Also, JFD Mali and JFD Maori traits added. Both mods are now required. Also requires Thunder and Steel Unique Units instead of MOAR units.
  7. 1.1

    Fixed a few bugs and some abilities (such as Poland's extra economic slot and Epaminondas's Sacred Band melee ability).