South Pacific and South East Asia Map

South Pacific and South East Asia Map 3

I wanted to create a larger Australia, NZ, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. I believe this map does that. It was created in World Builder, it is not entirely accurate mainly with the islands. But I did have some historic fun with Civilisations and City States, mainly there names.

I was having trouble with the advanced editor and true start (settler) it wouldn't run the start up script. So I opted for each civ starting with their historical capital and having a warrior (generally) and it works a treat. The Civilisations you can play and their starting cities are as follows:

* Australia; (Melbourne)
* Maori; (Otautahi)
* England (Brisbane)
* France (Noumea)
* Netherlands (New Holland)
* Indonesia (Jakarta) Majapahit originally
* America (Honolulu)
* Khmer (Krong Poi Pet because of location)

The city states are as follows:

* Bandar Seri Begawan (Bandar of Brunei)
* Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland)
* Rapa Nui
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