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Star Trek: 3 First Federation units 2016-10-05

I doubt anyone else will use these TOS units, but I post them anyway:

"The First Federation is a political and military organization first encountered in the 23rd century. Very little is known about the origins, deployment and population of the First Federation. The sole significant encouter took place in 2266, when the USS Enterprise seemed to cross into First Federation space, destroying a marker buoy in the process. Shortly thereafter, the Enterprise encountered the flagship of the First Federation, the Fesarius. Charged with violating their territory, the Enterprise and its crew were threatened with destruction. However, after a series of bluffs and counter-bluffs, it was later discovered that the encounter had been a test, designed by the Fesarius' captain, Balok. A cultural exchange was proposed, with Enterprise crewman David Bailey remaining onboard the Fesarius." (Memory Alpha)

FF buoy:

FF scout:

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