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Taurus 1.02

Extending the long discontinued BULL (BtS Unaltered Gameplay DLL) mod with some of the UI conveniences that have been implemented over the past decade in other mods (mainly Advanced Civ and K-Mod so far).

Please see the attached screenshots, the opening post under "Discussion" or the updated BUG help file for more information about the additions.

To install Taurus ...
Spoiler :
Extract the ZIP archive into the BtS Mods folder – either under Program Files or under My Games. BtS version 3.19 is required. The mod runs on Windows and, possibly, on Windows compatibility layers such as Wine (but no technical support can be provided for such non-native installations). Steam users will have to revert to the GameSpy "beta" version to use Taurus; a Mods folder is located in Steamapps\Common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword.

To start the mod through a Windows shortcut, create a shortcut to Civ4BeyondSword.exe, open the shortcut's file properties, and add a space and mod=\Taurus to the Target field. (In Steam, the mod can reportedly be loaded automatically through the "launch options" of BtS.) Installation into CustomAssets should be possible but is not recommended as mods in CustomAssets will interfere with mods in the Mods folder that fail to set NoCustomAssets=1 in their INI file. (Installing a mod in CustomAssets normally has the benefit of savegame-compatibility with BtS, but Taurus is able to load and export BtS, BUG, BULL and BAT savegames, so this should not be a concern.)

INI files with user interface settings are, for the most part, compatible between all BUG-based mods. To import settings from another BUG-based mod into Taurus, locate the UserSettings folder of that mod – either in the mod's folder under Beyond the Sword\Mods or under My Games\Beyond the Sword – and copy its contents into Mods\Taurus\UserSettings. The default Taurus settings can always be restored by clearing the UserSettings folder; the INI files then get recreated upon starting Taurus.

Taurus will not prevent artwork under CustomAssets from being loaded and should be fully compatible with the Blue Marble mod and its Gold theme installed as custom assets. The Blue Marble terrain graphics can also be obtained as an FPK file from the archive linked at the end of this post in the K-Mod subforum. Taurus will load any FPK files placed in Taurus\Assets. A similar pack of terrain textures, closer to the original BtS textures, can be obtained here from the Advanced Civ mod.

The integration of the external Map Finder tool works the same as with BULL except that the Map Finder options have moved to the newly introduced "Saves" tab of the mod options screen. Apart from that, please refer to the instructions on the Hall of Fame website.
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