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The Ancient Mediterranean 2016-10-05

Installation Instructions
Delete "The Ancient Mediterranean" folder in your CIV4\Mods folder if you have installed TAM before! This ensures that your XMLs are up to date if we split old files into several new ones. Then double-click the installer and extract it into your main CIV4 folder. This will not overwrite any original CIV files.

The map is in the PublicMaps folder. Best way to launch the mod is to simply double-click the map file!

- All ancient civilizations
- All ancient technology tree (completely new tree)
- All ancient units (many new units)
- Heroes
- Several maps, more coming
- Smithies equip units with better weapons
- More dynamic religion spread
- Reworked AI behaviour

Playable Civilizations:
- Babylon (Hammurabi)
- Gaul (Vercingetorix)
- Mycenae (Agamemnon)
- Rome (Caesar)
- Scythia (Partatua)
- Egypt (Hatshepsut)
- Iberian Tribes (Viriato)
- Germanic Tribes (Arminius)
- Carthage (Dido)
- Lydia (Kroisos)
- Phoenicia (Hiram)
- Getae (Decebalus)
- Kolchis (Aeetes)
- Illyria (Teuta)
- Persia (Dareios)
- Medes (Deiokes)
- Britons (Cunobelin)
- Goths (Theoderich) (not on any of the maps)
- Nubia (Taharqa)
- Tartessia (Argantonio)

The Team
Thamis (Chief Evangelist, German Text)
Shqype (Chief Coder, Pythonist)
Laurino (Iconographer, French Text)
Seven05 (SDK God)
Ingvina Freyr (Research, Pedia, Graphics)
Notarzt (Chief Skinner)
Karhgath (Treemaker)
Onedreamer (Tester, Italian Text)
Leptomeninges (Copywriter)
Spirit_Viriato (Spanish Text)

Change List by Version
Visit the TAM website for the complete list of changes for all versions.
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Latest reviews

I just started downloading the mod and I look forward to playing it. I'll get back to you with the appropriate rating and comment as soon as I make a first impression. Thank you for sharing the mod bytheway.
You guy's did a wonderful job on that MOD, i really like it and thank you to share this whit us :goodjob:

I am also planning to do a big online game whit your MOD, so if any one is intersted to join in that game, feel free to go see that post: [url]http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=379806[/url] , for more information.

Hail to the Roman Empire! Hail to Kordarus Caesar :king: !!!
hello all, i was looking for a ancient era mod on civ 4 bts, and i saw this one. And i played it some time ago and i didnt liked one thing. Now i downloaded it again, and i still see that there is one thing missing, otherwise this would be the perfect ancient era mod... I am talking about vassal states. How come there is no technology that enables vassal states? that makes the game much painfull. I really hope you can change it, because that will make this mod the best on civ4 database. Thanks
HI, the link isnt working. Where can i get the mod? thanks
i experience a crash when i try to launch the mod.
could it depend on the fact that i have the italian version of BTS?
i'm sad... i wish to play this wonderful mod like i did for civ3 :scan:
it just takes so much time to download :cry:
Played TAM for the first time over the last few days. I thought it was fantastic - very detailed and well-balanced. Great to be able to stay in the ancient era forever :).
It's 5-star now! Probably just not enough people know to wander into this little by-way.
It's really cool and what a fantastic MOD!!! ;)

But, I have a problem which I have some error....

I have some msgs that TXT_.......(French) and TXT_..... (Italian) when I load your MOD then it show with some unit, city, tech... when I paly. It's ok for play but kind of annoying.... Do you have any idea that I can remove this?


Thanks for your MOD!!
Yes, but TAM is awesome. It deserves much greater praise than it gets. Check it out! My favorite mod by far...
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