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The Rise of Islam (AD 632) 2016-10-05

Welcome to The Rise of Islam:
Here you can aid the Muslims playing as the Patriarchal Caliphate ruled by Caliphe Abu Bakr, or as the Sassanid Persians under Yazdgerd, by helping to establish their Empire by conquering Europe and Africa. You can also try to stop the Muslims from gaining a foothold on the world by playing as a European Civilization like the Byzantines, or Aquitaine Empire. You can also play on a whole different front by playing as the Tang Dynasty in China. Or by playing as the Mayans as Pacal the Great! No matter who you chose their will always be many challenges awaiting you.

What's Happening in the World:
The year is now 632AD right after the death of the Prophet Mohamed. The previous Arabian tribes have now joined together to form the Patriarchal Caliphate and have joined their military and are now ready to embark on a conquest of their known world! The European Civilizations are still rebuilding themselves after the destruction of the Roman Empire which left the Europeans unprotected and weak. In the Far East the Oriental Empires are flourishing to greatness while the rest of the World fights against each other for dominance.

Scenario Info:
The Rise of Islam is 3.17 compatible. There are currently 28 civilizations which have historically accurate leaders and cities. We have Religion specific Unique Units and some special units to go along with the theme "The Rise of Islam"! Such as the Ansar Warrior (Made by myself :)) and Jihadist of Allah! Starts at 632 AD playable only on marathon game speed which has tweaks to the time frame so it goes a few years at a time when you start!

Future Plans:
I'm already working on the next version of The Rise of Islam! The next version will hopefully add several new civs and possibly civ specific UU's and UB's for all of the civs I have added. It will also include tons of Events which will spark Revolutions of new Islamic states through out the game, this will raise the number of civilizations to 32!

Discussion thread HERE!

Credits and Special thanks:
The Navy Seal for making the scenario, researching and making the scenario a reality.
Jordal for researching a tips along the way
Rhye for the earth map.
Amra for a LH that I added and some units.
Danrell for some units.
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