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The Rohirrim 2016-10-05

The Rohirrim

  1. Chuggi
    UPDATE : 13/3/2008. Re-uploaded and compressed using 7-Zip.


    This is a unit pack I created for use in the Arda mod for civ. However feel free to use it for whatever you like, I personally think they would make good Nordic flavour units for the Vikings civ.

    Anyway, there's lots of units this time round - 6 melee units, 6 mounted units and 3 ranged units making a total of 15 Rohirrim Soldiers :)

    Spoiler lots of pictures :

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Peasant, the warrior equivalent for Rohan.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Swordsman.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Longswordsman.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Axeman.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Spearman.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Royal Guard, wields a halberdier.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Scout, I always thought scouts should be mounted anyway.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Horseman, wields an axe.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Horse Archer.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Light Cavalry.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Heavy Cavalry.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Knight.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Archer.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Crossbowman.

    [ABOVE] Rohirrim Longbowman.

    In the spoiler are many more pictures which could take a while to load if you choose to open it... there's also some info on the unit classes. The pictures are included in the download as well.

    I modified some of the animations to remove the "fidget" sequence as they looked buggy (for example the head becomes detached). I've also saved you guys lots of time by providing the XML for the art so all you need to do is throw these guys in your Units folder and add my XML :D


    Okay, enjoy I had fun making them.