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thecrazyscotsman's Omnibus 1.2.3

This Omnibus provides three different options for a variety of gameplay overhauls and enhancements.

  1. Update 1.2.3

    Update 1.2.3 should be compatible with patch as well as both the Poland and Viking DLC. There were no log errors when starting the game with them active, and nothing in the patch notes should conflict.

    Updates by User Settings and Ruleset.
    User Settings:
    -Added custom Eureka options (can now leave at default or set to 40%/25%/10%)
    -Added higher Settler population cost option
    -Added higher distance between cities option
    ---Includes balanced increases to effects tied to city...
  2. Update 1.2.2

    Updates by Ruleset:

    -Moved free recon promotion to Enhanced Ruleset from Complete Ruleset
    -BUGFIX: Fixed Fort sight bonus expanding every time a new Fort is built

    -New Techs and Civics now have text quotes
    -Reenabled Tech Eureka boosts
    -Updated Sailing boost to "Build 2 Fishing Boats"
    -Updated Celestial Navigation boost to "Kill a Galley"
    -New Civic Eureka boosts seem to be entirely bugged, so until I can figure it out or Firaxis fixes it the Civics which...
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  3. Hotfix 1.2.1

    - disabled new Tech and Civic boosts in temporary fix to crashing issue
  4. Update 1.2 - Techs, Civics, Policies

    Updates by Ruleset.

    Standard Ruleset:
    - Reduced Theater resource culture bonus to 1 (was 2)
    - Added an option to turn on Raging Barbarians in the new UserSettings.sql file located in the mod folder
    - Over a dozen minor text fixes
    - Minor text changes to the City Details panel to make Amenity and Housing sources clearer - compatible with all UI mods
    Spoiler :

    Enhanced Ruleset:
    - Standard Ruleset updates
    - Unique...
  5. Update 1.1.1

    This is a minor update. Changes listed by ruleset.

    -Bug Fix: Aqueducts no longer irrigate the sea
    -Under the hood optimizations

    -Forts are unlocked at Military Engineering instead of Siege Tactics
    -Defensive Improvements (Fort, Great Wall, Roman Fort) are now all buildable in Forests

    -Bug Fix: Modern Armor text correctly reflects bonus from Uranium
    -Horseman cost increased to 100
    -Knight base strength reduced to 38, now receives +5...
  6. Update 1.1

    Updates by ruleset:
    • Standard
      • Cistern is granted for free when starting in the Industrial era or later.
      • BUG FIX: strategic resource tiles are not buffed by districts or buildings until after the correct technology is researched.
      • VANILLA TEXT FIX: Ruhr Valley text now correctly shows 20% production bonus instead of 30%
    • Enhanced
      • Military Engineers now allow units in formation with them to scale cliffs.
      • Military Engineer charges increased to 4 by...