thecrazyscotsman's Omnibus

thecrazyscotsman's Omnibus 1.2.3

This Omnibus Mod represents what I've been working towards with my various mod releases, and is a sequel of sorts to my popular Civ V Omnibus Mod and Building Packs. It's purpose is to provide an enhanced and improved "Vanilla-like" experience by focusing on four core goals:

1. Playing the map
Civ VI has introduced many new elements which increase the importance of the map's geography. In my opinion, however, the game does not go far enough. By tying new district and building bonuses to terrain and resources I hope to encourage you to play more responsively with the map.

2. Respecting player time and investment
As part of my goal to provide a "Vanilla-like" experience (only better!) I'm not going to overwhelm you with dozens of new buildings, units, techs, civics, policies, etc. If I add something in it's because I think it fits a specific purpose, and I'm always open to changing something I've done if there's a compelling enough reason.

Another part of meeting this goal is respecting compatibility. I've created different "tiers" within this mod so that you can choose which ones you want to play with, and the "lower" tiers are compatible with almost every mod out there.

This mod has something for everyone.

3. Giving the player choices
I don't want you to be railroaded into the same path in every game. Part of my goal with this mod is to make multiple strategies viable, and to give you interesting and compelling choices as to which district to place or which building to build.

As I've already mentioned, I'm also giving you the choice of determining how many of my features you want to play with. The Standard Ruleset makes a few core changes which you can mix and match with almost any other mod. The other rulesets make progressively more changes.

I've also implemented a UserSettings.sql document within the mod. At this time the only item you can turn on/off is Raging Barbarians, but if I find something that would best be completely optional I will add additional features to the UserSettings.

4. Proper balancing
A truly fun game of civilization is a balanced one, in that no single strategy is a sure-fire way to victory. I'm committed to constantly tweaking and updating this mod based on your feedback, which is crucial to meeting all of these goals.

I hope that you'll help me play and test this modpack to improve the core Civ VI game experience.

Civilization VI introduces rulesets, a way for modders to provide options within their mods. This mod utilizes this feature extensively by providing three rulesets: Standard, Enhanced, and Complete. In order to select a ruleset other than Standard, you must use Advanced Options when creating a new game and then select from the Ruleset dropdown menu.
Spoiler Ruleset menu location :

Current Stable Version: 1.2.3
Latest beta versions available on Github

Standard Ruleset
Broadest mod compatibility
Spoiler :
Global Parameters
  • Increased population requirement per district to 4 (was 3)
  • Reduced science per population to 0.5 (was 0.7)
Buildings and Districts
  • Changed how the Industrial, Commercial, Campus, and Theater district buildings work:
    • 1st tier building now provides a small base yield
    • 2nd tier buildings now provide the requisite yield equal to the district's adjacency bonus
    • 3rd tier buildings now provide a 15% yield boost (with the exception of Power Plants, which provide +3 regional production)
  • Sewer now provides +1 Amenity
  • Added new Cistern building: +2 Housing, unlocked at Irrigation, required to build Sewers
  • Added new Water Treatment Plant building: +2 Housing/+1 Amenity, unlocked at Plastics. Requires Sewer to build
  • Updated Aerodrome
    • No longer requires population to build
    • Receives adjacency bonuses: +1 gold from Neighborhoods, +4 gold from Commercial Hubs, +2 gold from City Centers
  • Updated Harbor and Harbor buildings
    • Harbor adjacency bonus: +2 food per adjacent sea resource and +2 gold for adjacent City Center
    • Harbor district: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles when built.
    • Lighthouse: +1 food to all sea resources.
    • Shipyard: +1 gold to coast and ocean tiles and +1 food to all sea resources.
    • Seaport: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles and +1 production to all sea resources.
    • Lake tiles are effected as well
  • Increased Industrial, Campus, and Theater specialist yields from 2 to 3
  • Harbor specialists: provide +1 food, +1 gold, and +1 production.
  • Most districts now receive specialists from the 2nd and 3rd tier buildings only
Resources and Terrain
  • Aqueducts provide +2 food to Oases. Also provide +1 food to all tiles within 2 range.
  • Campuses provide +2 science to Mercury and Uranium
  • Commercial Hubs provide +1 gold to Furs, Salt, Cotton, Dyes, Silk, Spices, Sugar, Tobacco, and Silver.
  • Encampments provide +1 production to Copper, Iron, Horses, and Niter.
    • Barracks provide +1 production to Copper
    • Stables provide +1 production to Horses
    • Armory provides +1 production to Iron and Niter
  • Entertainment Complexes provide +1 culture and +1 gold to Cocoa, Truffles, and Ivory.
    • Arenas provide +1 gold to the same resources.
    • Zoos provide +1 culture to the same resources.
  • Holy Sites provide +2 faith to Stone, Incense, and Wine.
    • Shrines provide +1 faith to the same resources.
  • Industrial Zones provide +1 production to Gypsum, Aluminum, Coal, and Oil.
  • Theaters provide +1 culture to Coffee, Tea, Marble, Diamonds, and Jade.
    • Amphitheaters provide +1 culture to the same resources.
  • Granary base yields are removed and housing is reduced to 1. Provides +1 food to Bananas, Cattle, Citrus, Deer, Rice, Sheep, and Wheat.
  • Water Mill resource bonuses are removed. Now provides +1 food, +2 production, and 1 housing.
City States
Yields have been reduced to balance Bank, University, Museum, and Factory yields from adjacency bonuses:
  • Scientific, Cultural, Religious, Commercial, and Industrial city states give their matching district types +1 yield instead of +2
  • Commercial city states give capitals +2 gold instead of +4 (other CS bonuses to capitals are unchanged)
  • Military city state bonuses to unit production are unchanged
  • Updated the Free Market, Grand Opera, and Rationalism policies to provide bonus yields to each building of the proper type instead of a 100% increase (the % increase didn't stack properly with bonus yields from district adjacency bonuses)
  • Reduced 100% adjacency bonus policies to 50% (Holy Site and Harbor increases were not changed)
Minor text changes to the City Details panel to make Amenity and Housing sources clearer - compatible with all UI mods

Bug Fixes

Over a dozen minor text fixes

Enhanced Ruleset
Includes all Standard Ruleset features
Broad mod compatibility

Spoiler :
Included Modpacks/Mod Components
  • 8 Ages of Pace (by Olleus) – game pace mod
    • Tech and civic costs increase as you move through the game to allow you to fully experience each era
Global Parameters
  • Increased XP gains from Barbarians until the third promotion level is reached, also doubled Barbarians XP softcap
Extended Theming bonuses
  • Amphitheater now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Great Library now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Oxford University now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Hermitage now receives a 100% theming bonus for displaying objects of the same type from different artists.
  • Broadway now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying music from different Great People.
  • Sydney Opera House now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying music from different musicians.
  • Cathedral great work slot can now accommodate sculpture in addition to religious art.
  • Unique districts now require population to build
  • Military Engineer
    • Increased charges to 4 (was 2)
    • Reduced cost
    • Support Ability: units in formation with the Military Engineer ignore cliffs
  • Settlers turn into Builders when captured
  • Naval Raider units can now enter foreign borders without an Open Borders treaty
  • Counterspy mission duration increased to 64 turns (was 16)
  • Fighter class aircraft no longer require Aerodrome to build
  • Recon class units start with a free promotion
  • Forts
    • Unlocked at Military Engineering (was Siege Tactics)
    • Additional benefits to garrisoned units:
    • +5 to healing rate
    • +1 sight range
    • Ability to see hidden units (like Privateers or upgraded Scouts/Rangers)
    • May now be built in Forests
  • Great Wall
    • Additional benefits to garrisoned units:
    • +5 to healing rate
    • +1 sight range
    • Ability to see hidden units (like Privateers or upgraded Scouts/Rangers)
    • May now be built in Forests
  • Roman Forts
    • Additional benefits to garrisoned units:
    • +5 to healing rate
    • +1 sight range
    • Ability to see hidden units (like Privateers or upgraded Scouts/Rangers)
    • May now be built in Forests
  • New policy: Army Engineer Corps
    • +3 charges to Military Engineers, unlocks at Civil Engineering

Complete Ruleset
Includes all Standard + Enhanced Ruleset features
Limited mod compatibility

Spoiler :
Included Modpacks/Mod Components
  • Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Rebalance Mod (by Biao)
    • No units require strategic resources to build any more
    • All units which previously required strategic resources now have -5 base strength
    • If you have access to the requisite strategic resource, those units receive +5 strength
    • Knight strength reduced to 38 (was 48), receives +5 bonus from both Iron and Horses
  • Horseman cost increased to 100 (now more expensive than Swordsman)
  • Tech changes were not carried over
Comprehensive Tech and Civic Overhaul
  • Civic and Tech trees have been completely redesigned -- 16 new Technologies and 19 new Civics. Text quotes have been integrated for each new entry.
    • NOTE: New Civic Eureka boosts seem to be entirely bugged, so until I can figure it out or Firaxis fixes it the Civics which do not have boosts (other than Ideology) have their base cost reduced by 15%
  • 39 Policies have been updated and 7 new ones have been added
  • 21 new buildings added to flesh out the new Tech and Civic trees. Most districts now have 4 building tiers
      • AGORA: +1 Culture and +1 Science.
      • APOTHECARY: +10% city growth. +1 Food from Forest tiles.
      • HOSPITAL: +20% city growth. +1 Amenities and Housing.
      • GROCER: +2 Food. +1 Food from Farm improvements.
      • SUPERMARKET: +4 Food. +1 Food from Farm improvements. +1 Housing.
      • KILN: +2 Production when constructing Buildings and Districts.
      • BRICKYARD: +3 Production when constructing Buildings and Districts.
      • BRICKWORKS: +5 Production when constructing Buildings and Districts.
    • CAMPUS
      • OBSERVATORY: +2 Science. Provides the Campus with an additional standard adjacency bonus from Mountains. Cannot be built in the same city as the Printer.
      • PRINTER: +2 Science and +1 Culture. +2 Science from Great Works of Writing in this city. Cannot be built in the same city as the Observatory.
      • CARAVANSARY: +3 Gold. +1 Gold from city international Trade Routes per bonus resource owned by city. Cannot be built in the same city as the Guild Hall.
      • GUILD HALL: +4 Gold. +1 Gold and +1 Production from Plantation improvements. Cannot be built in the same city as the Caravansary.
      • ARSENAL: Raises the strength of your outer defenses. +2 when building Units.
      • MILITARY BASE: Raises the strength of your outer defenses. +4 when building Units.
      • CONFECTIONARY: +2 Gold and +2 Culture. +1 Amenities.
    • HARBOR
      • AQUAFARMS: +10% city growth. +1 Food from Sea tiles.
      • BASILICA: +2 Culture. +15% Faith in this city. Cannot be built in the same city as the Reliquary.
      • RELIQUARY: +2 Faith. +2 Gold and +1 Culture from Relics in this city. Cannot be built in the same city as the Basilica. +1 Amenities.
      • FOUNDRY: +2 Production. +1 Gold from Mine and Quarry improvements. Cannot be built in the same city as the Gristmill.
      • GRISTMILL: +2 Production. Provides Food equal to the Industrial Zone's Production adjacency bonus. Cannot be built in the same city as the Foundry.
      • OPERA HOUSE: +2 Culture. Bonus is extended to all cities within 6 tiles.
  • Reduced Kumasi suzerain trade route bonus from +2 culture to +1 culture per district in the origin city
  • Reduced Nan Madol's suzerain bonus to coastal districts from +2 culture to +1 culture

Spoiler New Policies :

This is not 100% up to date, but is representative:

Spoiler New Tech Tree :

Spoiler New Civic Tree :

To see the full images if they don't show up right-click on the image and select open in new tab

Novemberisms/Biao for his Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Rebalance Mod
Olleus for 8 Ages of Pace

Review the list below to see which mods are incompatible with each ruleset:
Spoiler :
Standard Ruleset
Better City Specialization
Buffed Resources
Improved Aerodrome
Improved Water Yields
Raging Barbarians
Fish Farms (Magil)
City State Balance Mod (OneLeggedRhino)
Civ 6 Improvements Patch (Xavierlol)

Enhanced Ruleset
All Standard Ruleset incompatibilities
Improved Forts
Improved Military Engineer
More Barbarian XP
More Theming Bonuses
Naval Raiders Ignore Foreign Borders
Remove Preferred Hidden Agendas
Scout/Ranger Plus (Kavis)
50 Turn Counterspy (PoundedChicken)
8 Ages of Pace (Olleus)

Complete Ruleset
All Standard + Enhanced Ruleset incompatibilities
MadDjinn's Tech tree (MadDjinn)
Mouse's Rise of Mankind (cof125)
Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Rebalance Mod (Novemberisms/Biao)
The Test of Time (Horem)

This list is not exhaustive. There may be incompatibilities I am not aware of...if you run across an incompatible mod please let me know so that I can add it to the list.

For maximum compatibility, no UI or AI mods are included.

Recommended Mods
I play with the following mods and highly recommend them.

UI Mods
Production Queue
Unit Report Screen
Better Trade Screen

Map Scripts
Detailed Worlds

AI Mods
Currently the best AI mod seems to be AI+

Installation Instructions
Follow the directions in this post.
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