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[UNIT] Kaiser's Marines 2016-10-05

[UNIT] Kaiser's Marines

  1. Wonderblunder
    Another unit of mine, this time a Pre-WWI German marine, also know as the Seebattalions. Before WWI, these marines were used as intervention forces in the German colonies. During the outbreak of the Great War, the Seebattalions' size increased by 3 divisions, or 60-70,000 men. Being deployed mostly on land, they fought at Antwerp, Ypres, at the Somme, and in the various battles of Northern France in 1918.

    In 1915 the marines were issued the field grey M1910 uniform, along with a light grey green cover to hide the imperial eagle emblem on their helmets.

    This unit Sabiotleih's Melee Rifleman animations.

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