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WWI Ottomans 2016-10-05

WWI Ottomans

  1. Wonderblunder
    I believe this is the second WWI infantry pack, so here it is, a unit pack featuring the Ottomans from WWI. I've created 6 units that follow the Blood and Iron mod unit system, early infantry, cavalry, machinegun, grenadier, late infantry, and the elite stormtrooper.

    Cavalry-uses cavalry animations
    Early Infantry-uses infantry animations
    Machinegunner-uses machinegun animations
    Late Infantry-uses Oromo animations
    Grenadier-uses grenadier animations
    Stormtrooper-uses marine animations

    credit for the models goes to seZereth.

    Discuss in the thread.

    Rabbit White's tutorial on how to add units


    1. title_8I4.jpg
    2. ottomans_early_6aG.jpg
    3. ottomans_later_r9I.jpg
    4. late_N81.jpg
    5. grenade_902.jpg
    6. machine_qkV.jpg
    7. units_5PX.jpg