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Warfare Expanded (for MOAR) 7.3

Missing Units, Land Units, Air Units, Naval Units

  1. Small fix

    Fixed ranged units not being able to target support units.
    Gone back to Mega upload because goggle drive kills my internet.
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  2. Line Infantry

    Made Siege units compatible with the March 2018 update. Mostly AI tag changes.
    Added Line Infantry to Ballistics as Anti Cavalry unit for the Industrial era.
    Moved Pike & Shot to Gunpowder to more evenly space out the Anti Cavalry line.
    Changed Pike & Shot and Tercio to upgrade to Line Infantry.
    Moved Naval Infantry to Military Science mainly because Rifling was looking a bit full.
    Added an ability to the Attack Submarine giving it a bonus of +15 vs naval raider & +5 vs other warships when...
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  3. Bug Fixes

    Moved stealth aircraft Nanotechnology to be compatible with Real Era Stop mod.
    Increased Nanotechnology's prereq techs to 4 so stealth aircraft can't be built to soon after jet aircraft.
    Made Construction a prereq tech of Military Tactics to stop B-lining to Pikemen.
    Made Iron Working a prereq tech of Construction to stop B-lining to Heavy Infantry.
    Removed Marine requires Harbor district due to Royal Navy Dockyard issue. May look into this some more in the future.
    Changed Attack Sub so it...
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  4. Rise and Fall

    Warfare Expanded is now Rise and Fall compatible.
    To do so I have had to remove the old Warfare Expanded Pike & Shot and UAV units.
    Changed Field Cannon and Hwacha to upgrade to Field Gun.
    Moved Machine Gun back to Modern Era.
    Moved Modern Sniper to Composites.
    Added Military Tactics as a prereq tech for Education.
    Added Mass Production as a prereq tech for Astronomy.
    Moved Naval Infantry to Ballistics.
    Moved Marine to Chemistry.
    Moved Modern Marine to Satellites and increased combat to 82....
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  5. MOAR Fix

    Updated to be compatible with MOAR again.
    Fixed amphibious ability for Marine.
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  6. Marines

    Added new promotion class for Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Added new promotion class for Marines (special thanks to @Magic90).
    Fixed pbr textures for halftrack, SP Gun, assault gun, field gun.
    Changed Jong to upgrade to Armored Cruiser.
    Replaced F-35 with Su-57 as stealth fighter.
    Replaced F-117 with F-35 as stealth attack plane.
    Added Civ 5 Ironclad (redoutable class) as Med and Northern Europe CV.
    Added Howitzer...
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  7. Naval fix 2

    Fixed promotion and naval heavy bugs
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  8. Siege Penalty Fix

    Updated the Chinese text thanks to @Stlyker.
    Added mod load order to try and fix icon issues in MOAR DLC's.
    Got rid off the -17 attack penalty bug for naval heay ranged.
    Fixed Battleship not able to attack.
    Updated Yamato to be Heavy Naval Ranged.
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  9. More Naval Units

    Added Galleass to Naval Ranged.
    Added Armored Cruiser to Naval Ranged.
    Added Battlecruiser to Naval Ranged.
    Added Kirov as Missile Cruiser CV for Eastern Europe, East Asia and Mugal.
    Added a Heavy Naval Ranged unit line which uses bombard attack instead of ranged attack.
    Added Galleon to Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Added Ship Of The Line to Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Added Pre Dreadnought to Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Changed Battleship to Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Made Battleship slower but more powerfull and use...
  10. Naval Units Pt 1

    Added Leopard 2 as Modern Armour CV for Northern Europe.
    Added LAV-25 as Mechanized Infantry CV for Northern Europe.
    Added Gunship as Helicopter CV for East Asia and Mughal.
    Added UAV to recon line at Nanotechnology.
    Added Corvette to melee line at Cartography.
    Added Ticonderoga Class as Missile Cruiser CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean (mainly for a template as the Civ 6 Missile Cruiser is back the front with its weapons).
    Added Missile Destroyer to Naval Melee.
    Added Arleigh Burke...