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Westeros (Custom Map - Work in Progress) 0.1

A quick attempt at a Westeros Map

  1. SGreco
    A Game of Mods? Not quite... but a first step:

    Started out by creating a rough map of Westeros! I intend to add Essos in the future... It is currently made as a 128x80 custom map.

    How to use!

    (Use the "Play Your Custom Maps" mod to use it! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876864462&searchtext=) You'll need to copy this map into the CustomMap.civ6map location and rename it to "CustomMap.Civ6map"; at least until a ruleset is created.

    Start a game with the "Custom Map" ruleset. Need at least 10 civs added (see list of palceholders, have not tried troubleshooting if all are random).

    More info:
    This is a quick first rough sketch of Westeros, but terrain and most features seem alright. Resources and other features are NOT balanced. Yikes; my first map ever...

    Feel free to make your own edits and add to the fun! Be sure to share and upload!

    Old screenshots (Pre-0.1):
    Westeros1_BeyondWall.PNG Weesteros1_North.PNG Westeros1_IronIslands.PNG Westeros1_Vale.PNG Westeros1_Reach.PNG Westeros1_DorneStormlands.PNG

    Current Issues:
    1. Changed placeholder civs - see 0.1 update Just learned how to alter leaders and civs in the World Builder/Player Editor. Updates incoming?
    2. Resource balance (random smattering)
    3. City states Added! NO City States! I'd like to add: Kings Landing, Castle Black, The Twins, Oldtown or Starfall, Harrenhal, and eventually Free Cities.
    3. Not a scenario yet...
    4. A mod would be needed to create real leaders/civs.
    5. Removed Poland and Australia, so no DLC should be needed! Requires YNAEMP (maybe?) for map size all DLC (Poland and Australia are civs that have spawned on the map). I have not tried loading with civs not in the above list added.

Recent Updates

  1. 0.1 Release